WARNING: Fallen Ones Bringing Back BEASTS In The Tribulation To Hunt Down Christians – Messenger Gwendolen Song

Dinosaurs and Other Beasts during the Great Tribulation
Messenger Gwendolen Song

November 3, 2018

To My Faithful Few at the End of the Church Age,

Dearest ones,
Today I am going to give more and more revelation concerning the plans of the fallen ones at the end of the Church Age. I am going to expound upon their nefarious plans to bring cruelty to both man and beast at the end of time. Children, it is no secret that the fallen ones have manipulated DNA since the beginning of time. It is one of the ways the fallen ones provoked Me prior to the great flood of Noah’s day. It is also one of the reasons that I had to bring destruction to the living creatures of that era with the exception of my son Noah, his family, and the animals on the ark.

Children, the fallen ones tried to corrupt every single class and species upon the earth. They even tampered with man and animal trying to create a freak-show of newly created beings for their own folly. They hissed and they snorted and celebrated in the late hours of the night at their new creations, offering them up on a platter like expensive incense for the king of hell. They were creative and they knew the exact types of distortions that they wanted to create.

Ultimately, they wanted to capture my pet Leviathan and give it legs. Yes, dearest ones. When I created Leviathan, I created it as a challenging force within the sea. Even the fallen ones respected its dominance and yet they cleverly tried to capture it time and time again. They wanted to harness its power and grace and use it’s uniqueness for evil. Ultimately, they wanted to genetically alter it and create other instruments of evil.

In this prophetic word, dearest ones, is information that cannot be verified by ancient texts. It contains information that comes directly down from the Throne of the Living God. It cannot be guaranteed in its accuracy, because without walking in the power of My Holy Spirit the wisdom of man is shameful in comparison to the wisdom of God.

I created each and every animal on your planet for a divine purpose. Most of those purposes would only be understood by the One creating them. For instance, do you understand the reason that I have different types of song birds on each continent? It is a way for other animals who migrate across the earth to know their specific location with pinpoint accuracy. Yes, dearest ones, the song birds actually are location markers for the other animals on the planet, and when their habitats are disrupted, the rest of the animal kingdom is also disrupted.

Do you know why I created the sun, moon, and the stars, dearest ones? I created them as reminders for the entire human race of the glory and the power of their Creator; that I have all authority in heaven and on earth. I am the One who placed them there and yet, what do the fallen ones do? They make their own gods out of them in order to mock Me. They are the ones who will be hurting in the end. Their time is coming to a close and their one week of fame is coming to a end.

Children, I am the One who created the dinosaurs. I am the One who planned them with a divine purpose. They were not created to invoke fear and panic among My children. They were to be used to help maintain balance in the resources upon the earth. They ate, they slept, they roamed, and they worshiped me too. They were graceful giants of my creativity. They were never meant to be genetically modified for evil plans. But as you take a step back and look at the fallen ones’ global end times agenda, you can see that they indeed had a plan for these gentle beasts.

Dearest ones, today I want to explain to you how the fallen ones plan to use their demonic technology to hunt down and exterminate the remaining Christians at the end of time. My children will be considered rebels for not taking the mark of the beast. Their allegiance is only to Me. Remember dearest ones, if you decide to accept the mark of the beast you will never be allowed to enter into My Glorious Kingdom because you were not willing give up your life for your King.

Children, there are demonic engineers working for the beast at this time. These engineers are like demonic scientists fully sold out to their father, satan, the king of eternal gloom. These engineers have their orders. They are to design lifelike robotic beasts to roam the earth at the end of time using them militarily to bring order out of his constructed chaos. These beasts will not all be alike. These beasts will come in varying degrees of hostility/threats. Some will roam independently like rogue soldiers seeking out remaining Christians who have went into hiding awaiting My Second Coming. Some of these demonic beasts will be accompanied by soldiers who are guiding their military operations one-on-one. The soldiers will go to an area where they believe My children are in hiding, and using infrared technology, attack them unaware in the middle of the night. They have their orders. They know who they serve. They know their objective—seek out the Christians and destroy them.

My left behind children who surrender their all to Me and My Father are more powerful than they can ever imagine. Never forget, My dearest ones, that the sincere prayers of My righteous children are very powerful. They are mighty in pulling down the demonic strongholds of the enemy. And they are mighty in bringing other lost sheep into My fold. I will deliver My supernatural peace to those left behind. They are still precious to Me and I will never leave their side. Many of the left behind will become martyrs, yes; this is in My Written Word, and some I will save to give a testimony at the end of time.

The fallen ones will be allowed to reign terror on the planet up until My Second Coming, but in many situations they will be restrained by My Holy Ones, the 144,000 sealed servants of the LORD. They are end times soldiers roaming the earth to aid My lost children in finding their way home. They answer to Me and are placed upon the earth to do My will. Salvation for the lost is their main goal!

They will be able to destroy the enemy’s weapons arsenals, military aircraft, entire computer mainframes used for storing massive amounts of data against My dearly beloved children, and they will be able to minister to the fallen ones’ families helping them to see the deception that they are living in.

Oh, My precious children, do not think for a moment that the enemy will prevail. He will be allowed to take the lives of many of my left behind saints, yes, but he will be unsuccessful at bringing the entire human race to worship him. Those of Mine who die as martyrs will victoriously be brought home to live with Me in glory. satan is the loser in the end. I Am the King of Glory and I am the Great I AM.

Children, what will you do with this prophetic message? How will you respond? Will you take this message to your prayer time? Or will you mock My end times messengers who lay down their lives for Me and My Father? Be wise as serpents always, dearest ones. Be wise and understand the days that you are living in. I am coming in the clouds. Live holy. Be separate from the world now. Be holy and come out of the darkness into My Marvelous Light.

The King of Glory,
Yeshua HaMashiach, The King of the Holy City and the King of the Entire Earth!

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