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destruction on every part of the earth – Paulo Chico Francisco

destruction on every part of the earth

Jan 15, 2020 12;26 AM
Brother Paulo Chico Francisco
From Mozambique Africa
Translated from Portugese

In 2013 I saw a very worrying view to the whole world

I had the first sight there was destruction on every part of the earth until the world turned the heavens was on my right hand and the ground (earth) was on my left and there was a gulf where the heavens were and where was the The land and the people who had not received Jesus as their savior fell into the abyss and had no help, while those who remained faithful to the Lord Jesus did not fall,

and I was taken to a room of mine that I slept on in the Lemusica. and a voice came out of my bed in which I was not allowed to see the speaking person I only heard the voice and I am sure that the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ said the following, I am ready to send my son to earth. For second coming, to take mine said that voice.

Original translation below

Irmão Paulo Chico Francisco

De Moçambique Africa
Em 2013 vi uma visão muito preocupante ao mundo todo
Tive a primeira visão havia destruição sobre toda parte da terra até que o mundo virou-se os céus ficou na minha direita e a parte de solo(terra) ficou a minha esquerda, e criou-se abismo onde havia os céus e onde havia a terra e as pessoas que não haviam recebido a Jesus como salvador caiam sobre abismo e tinham nenhuma ajuda, enquanto que os que se mantiam fies ao Senhor Jesus estes  não caiam ficavam parado nos ares   e aí fui arrebatado para um quarto meu que eu dormia na lemusica e saiu uma voz na minha cama na qual não foi me permitido ver a pessoa que falava só ouvi a voz e tenho certeza que O Pai do nosso Senhor Jesus Cristo e disse o seguinte , estou pronto para mandar o meu filho para terra.
Para segunda vinda , para levar os meus disse aquela voz .

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  1. Ireland Marie Johansson

    God is speaking from Mozambique.

    Meanwhile, in North Carolina, abortion clinics are open as critical infrastructure. The elites need the fetal tissue for their plans. Nothing can stop that, in their minds. The people protesting abortion peacefully outside the clinics were arrested by the police, even while they obeyed social distancing rules. What does God think of this?

    And strippers in Oregon will bring lap dances to your house, like ordering a pizza, because the strip clubs are closed. We could laugh this off. It’s filled with lust, sure. But it’s silly. God created sexuality. Not for strippers to-go of course.

    North Carolina listen! Tsunamis are coming to both coasts.

    Listen Andrew Cuomo. New York City is the center of the Corona virus. Is that an accident? Pink lights on the Empire State Building for your live birth abortion laws. Signed with people cheering. A white man will be cheered when he does Satan’s bidding. Kali. Now the red lights. Next will be the tsunami over the Empire State Building.

    People just want to get back to normal. But normal was wicked.

    A global earthquake is coming. Tsunamis. EMP. 2 billion will die eventually. That about 16 different 2004 Asian tsunamis per day for a year.

    The TV Show Prison Break on Fox was once very popular. The main theme was the agenda to manipulate China and India into an apocalyptic war of mutual annihilation. That would be about 2.5 billion. Remember Satanists must tell us what they are going to do in advance. That is a part of their code.

    The Storm of the Century. Carnivale. Messiah. Prison Break. These shows offer clues to those who can see through to the core messages. People can disagree and that is fine. But the occult is real and the embedded parasitic, host-jumping Deep State goes back to Ancient Babylon. The Aztecs were not an accident of history. This is mankind in league with Satan. Mao. Stalin. Pol Pot. Hitler. This is man, standing naked in his evil. The Satanic elites don’t need to hide anymore. They have always been there. The All Seeing Eye. Man is being twisted into a machine. Technology was meant to help man, not change man forever into something half human.

    God must shake the world or almost everyone on Earth, 7 billion, will go to hell. Hell expands without measure. In hell, people are tortured, limbs cut off like in an abortion. People chained in a prison, waiting to be tortured again and again. Given drugs. Rape. Perversion. I had a vision of this.

    We must be in sackcloth and ashes, weeping for our own sins, and for the nations of the world. We must be on our faces, crying out to God for our own wickedness, for we too were once lost.

    Corona is nothing. Much, much worse is coming.

    Jesus Christ came to save us from hell. That is all that matters. Not sports. Not gold coins. Not paper money. Not likes on Facebook. Not the NFL.

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