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destruction awaits, lo is here – Krystal Beall

destruction awaits, lo is here

February 6, 2020
Krystal Beall

To all whom love me, Rejoice I say. Again I say, Rejoice. For in a moment, The twinkling of an eye, everything shall change. The darkness is thick. As a deceptive fog it blankets the earth. It shall increase and thicken. Who among you has taken notice?

I weep. I weep in that I was rejected in the nation of America. I weep that so many are sleeping and therefore do not watch. In the last days men shall be lovers of their own selves. So it is. So many are blind. So many know me not.

Many profess me with their lips but their heart is far from me. Friendship with the world is emnity with me. Come out from among them. Come out of the world. My kingdom is not of this world. The way narrow. I call. My calls fall largely on deaf ears.

I pour out my spirit. Dreams. Visions. I have sent my messages to this generation, my love and mercy extending, reaching down and raising up. Blessed are all who are awake. Watching and have warned their neighbors of the hour in which you reside.

America, You are greatly deceived. I was REJECTED in and among your nation. The sorrow in that which I bear from this is most bitter and profound.

To all who long for me. I hear your weary sighs and your tears have I collected. Your prayers I have heard. Listened to an answered. Trust. Believe. There is good for all who love me, Who are called to my plan and purpose. I look upon my creation in this last hour and am pained to my core to behold humanity in such a most fallen way. I am moved with compassion.

I AM little loved yet my love for man is infinite. I AM also moved to wrath. Vengeance is mine. I shall repay. I will vindicate your lives. I will heal and restore you. I will make all things new. I have. Believe. You shall see my glory. Oh generation…You know not what you have done and continue to do.

The broad path filled to overflowing… destruction awaits, lo is here. What destruction it shall be. Ashes, many ashes. From ashes shall I bestow upon you beauty. I long for thee in the garden. There is much man does not know, understand and comprehend. You will. You will. I will reveal all that you have not known nor understood.

My heart is heavy. I AM pained as a woman in travail to be delivered. Her hour come upon her, She is not able to escape but must endure. I labor in my love for you. Why do you cling to a world that hates me, thus you? Fear not. Let go. Lay down. Know that I AM faithful. I AM true. All things are possible with me.

I give the desires of your heart. I heal. I restore. I resurrect. I AM the resurrection. I AM the way. The truth. The life. I AM the light of the world. I AM life. I AM living water. I satisfy. I fill. I fulfill. Woe be unto all who trust in man.

Woe again I say to you. For a snare has been laid and many, many think they stand, yet are fallen caught up in the web of it all. Devoured. My people are destroyed from a lack of knowledge. Fear not. Shaking. A great shaking is upon all. I shall shake all of heaven and earth. No stone shall I leave unturned. America you shall be no more before me. It is an act of my love and mercy. I have come to set the captives free. You have taken my most precious fruit. For that I shall repay. Fire. The fire is through the gate. The betrayl of a nation who has betrayed the son of man. The wounds I have received in the house of my friends bleed. I bleed in my love and thirst for you.

REPENT. TURN UNTO ME ALL THE ENDS OF THE EARTH. CALL UPON MY NAME. Mourning and lamentations abound, few are they who take notice. Few are they who hear. The earth is in terrible darkness. Who do you suppose has allowed it to be so? What shall I say to a generation that has forsaken me.

To a people, a nation, nations that have trampled me underfoot. I have warned. I have given many signs in the earth. Blessed are the eyes who see, the ears who hear. Fire. Fire. Fire. Refiners fire. I have prepared a place that where I AM ye may be also.

Behold I come quickly. Blessed are those who are watching. My rewards are with me. Fear not the darkness as I increase it. Know I AM with you always. Never will I leave or forsake you. That wicked revealed, consumed. Destroyed by the brightness of my coming. Yea, I AM among thee. Look up. Look up. Behold. Clouds and thick darkness. GLORY. Light. Life. Wedding banquet. All things new.


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