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July 26, 2021 3:57 PM
Loveth Nwokeohuru

I Thank the Almighty God for His revelations.

By Sister Loveth Nwokeohuru.

Received on 22 July 2020

It was in the afternoon, and I was giving my children their Lunch..
All of a sudden I started feeling very very sleepy…to the extent that I wanted to leave everything that I was doing to go and sleep.

I was trying to resist this urge, but it kept coming, I managed to pray and then fell asleep, immediately I fell asleep I had this dream.

I saw that I was In a place and there was a new technology that was invoke.

What ever you want to say , say it and it would appear physically on your wall, or where ever you want it to appear, just face the particular place and say it and it would appear.
So, it happened that I now had a ministry in that dream, and on the wall of the altar I wrote some bible texts and pasted it on the wall with a celotape for reference.

Then, later I became tired of writing and pasting, I decided to use the technology that was invoke, afterall, it’s just a technology, and many people are using it.

So, I recited the memory verse that I wanted to appear on my wall, and the words started to appear gradually on the wall…and after appearing they were glued to the wall by an invisible celotape.

Wow! It was fascinating.
Just speak and it would appear, it worked like the Google voice searcher on our phone devices.
Just mention what you want to say even if you don’t o ow the complete sentence…Google will ting it our for you on your phone.

That was exactly how this new Technology worked in my dream, but the Only difference was that, these things would appear physically, not ont on your phone.

So, after those bi le texts appeared on the wall, I was happy that it has saved me some time and energy
So, I touched the wall and I felt the celotape holding those bible texts…it was kind of absurd to me, ut I decided to neglect it and went about my business.

Immediately I left there, the Lord ministered to me in my heart that that incidence is abnormal, that it’s demonic and that it shouldn’t be in my church’s alter.

That was when I started thinking having a rethink of what just happened.
“How can I say something and it would appear on my wall”?

Immediately the Holy fell upon me and a Holy anger came upon me and I walked straight to the wall of the alter and I started praying and commanding that anything on that wall that was brought there by a demon should disappear and let the original one remain.

Immediately I started praying….thuse bible texts started disappearing one after the other.

And at the end the only ones that were left were the one I wrote with my hands.
I was very shocked.
That means indeed they are demonic technologies.

So, it was like in the dream, the activities of demons had increased in the world it was like they were in control of many things even without us knowing and they were in almost everything…they had polluted almost everything called Technology.

At that point the Lord started to speak to me, audibly, He said “many alters have this technology, and people would come there to pray, not knowing what has happened, even some of the ministers may not even know that there is now a presence of a demon right there…this thereby pollutes the worship area, and those who come there to worship are also polluted too…

I was then reminded about the revelation I was given about so many technologies were masterminded by demons….demons/fallen angels gave them the insight to build them.
I was told about the black box for example..

To confirm this, I later came accross some articles where some persons who claimed that they have met with Aliens and that these Aliens were nice personalities and that they gave them the knowledge to do some of these technologies we are enjoying today.

But in this dream they had gone too far…

So many things we don’t know are demonic, some of the emojis, we use some apps that we use are masterminded by demons, and their plan is to pollute the temple of God(true Christians)

The truth is that the time is very short and the devil and his minions know this…so, they’re doing everything possible to get as many as possible polluted and weakened Spiritually.

In one of the revelations that the Lord gave me, He said some persons we see on the Internet chatting and supporting and promoting evil on different websites, blogs, YouTube etc…are not actually demon possed people, but actual demons.

I am not saying this to scare you..
This is a Warning, it’s not every site that you should visit, it’s not every person online that you should follow…some are people who are possessed with demons while some are actual demons.

The devil and his agents are really working fast to take over the world and many of God’s children are still relaxed.
I pray that God will wake us up in Jesus Christ mighty name.

I was also shown that some cartoons that we allow our children to watch are not just ordinary cartoons, some of them are exactly what happens in their kingdom that they show our children and these have a negative impact on them…these brings about increase in stubbornness and disobedience to parents and unruly behaviours.

Some of the cartoons I saw was The little mermaid, “Sabrina the secret of the teenage witch” please I may not get the names very well, but these are the ones I know.

I do not know about others.

The powers of darkness have entered Into many sectors seeking for souls to steal, kill and destroy.
We have to be vigilant and don’t overlook some of these things.

These are the last days, may God continue to protect and guide His children in Jesus Christ mighty name. Amen.

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