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July 16, 2021 8:03 PM
‘defcon’ – each of a series of five progressive levels of alert used by the US armed forces

On 6.18.21 I had posted an article on this site ‘444ProphecyNews.com’ titled ‘Defcon 5’ wherein the Holy Spirit had given me the word ‘Defcon’. At the end of the article I had concluded with these words…

‘Even though we’re at Defcon 5 (lowest or normal state of military readiness) and things may look okay in the world – we know they’re not really. I believe the Holy Spirit is warning that we will be moving up to the next level soon.’

The following week I happened to check out the Defcon level and saw that it had indeed moved up a notch. I felt the Holy Spirit was trying to point out how swiftly things were about to change. The following excerpt for 7.16.21 is from ‘https://www.defconlevel.com’.

‘The current defcon level overall is now at defcon 4 today as there is a raised CENTCOM alert level (Central Command) for the Middle East region due to airstrikes by U.S. and drone strikes by Iran backed miltias.

DEFCON 4, or condition level four also called “Double Take” or “Green Alert” (status alert color green) is an increase in intel gathering and strengthening of security protocols. DEFCON 4, or Double Take is considered ‘Above Normal Readiness”. The United States alert status might be set to Defcon 4, or ‘Green Alert’ after a precision strike on an enemy target, or after a precision strike has been carried out by an enemy.’

What is the point of all this? The Holy Spirit has been warning and warning. If you just take a look at the world around – you will see increased tensions as events around the globe have escalated. Now is the time if you have not done so to get your physical and spiritual houses in order and repent and turn to the Lord. Based on all the current prophecies given – God’s swift hand of judgment is about to fall soon.

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