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Defcon 5

June 18, 2021 9:29 PM

On 6.16.21 a word was posted to this site ‘444ProphecyNews.com’ titled ‘Worthy’ by The Messenger. As I was reading it I was struck by the phrase ‘prepare for the worst’ because it was contained in a recent word given to me by the Holy Spirit. Below is the excerpt from ‘Worthy’..

My children time of the end has come and it is now, please get ready,get all things in order in your lives for when this all starts, my judgements on USA ,Babylon ,there is no stop or turning back. Please prepare for the worst and pray I lessen and shorten your days thru all of satan’s wrath. I love all my children but for my words to come forth and pass ,this must come about . End of message signed your loving heavenly father.

This is the word the Holy Spirit gave me 6.12.21.

Daughter the end is near. Tell My people how much I love them. Tell them of the hardships they will have to face. My judgments are coming soon. I have warned but they draw closer. Prepare as best you can. Prepare for the worst.

This is where my post was supposed to end but the word ‘Defcon’ came to mind and the Holy Spirit then led me the Defcon site. (https://www.defconlevel.com)

The military utilizes a defense ready condition or ‘DEFCON’ which identifies the current threat level faced by the Department of Defense and the United States military. There are five level threats ranging from 5 (Low) to 1(Critical). Defcon 5 is used during normal times of peace while Defcon 1 is activated when Nuclear war is imminent.

I was curious as to where we were on the DEFCON threat scale so I asked the Holy Spirit. In my spirit I heard ‘code blue’ which means there is a medical emergency occurring within a hospital. I then went back to see where we currently are on the DEFCON scale. To my surprise the Defcon Level Warning System was at Defcon 5 and the color was BLUE.

The message on the page read…

‘The current defcon level overall remains at defcon 5 today as there are no current raised defcon level alerts in any of the combatant command regions right now.

Even though we’re at Defcon 5 and things may look okay in the world – we know they’re not really. I believe the Holy Spirit is warning that we will be moving up to the next level soon. It’s time to get ready if you haven’t already – I’m speaking spiritually and physically. Continue to pray for the lost and your loved ones. We are moving into harder times surely and into a higher battleground.

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