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June 16, 2021 8:37 AM
The Messenger

Received June 14th 2021 around 5:30 PM

My son please write these words down. My children the end has come, please get your spiritual house in order. It is the most important thing that my children ,being a child of god can do. The Antichrist has risen up , and before long satan will give him his powers. Soon I will cast him from this realm my heavenly realm and he will no longer be able to accuse you . My children most are not ready most are not going to be takin in the first rapture , they are the ones who have made themselves ready for my son . They are the ones who are clean, blameless and spotless in my eyes. Oh how I and my son the true anointed one wait with open arms for these Crown Jewels.Many things await my first fruits in Heaven . The main reason they are the first fruits is for my harvest, the great harvest ,these brides obey the lamb, they know my voice they obey, obey, obey. Through obedience they are found worthy to escape satan’s wrath. My children time is of the essences and those caught up in worldly things will find themselves left. Again let me say these things to be found worthy you must truly believe on what my son did on the cross ,dying for you and forgiveness of your sins . You must forgive all ,everyone of everything ever done to you for, without true forgiveness I will not count you worthy. You must confess all every sin no exceptions , please do a look back, and have my Holy Spirit search your heart for any un forgiveness. The last thing is obedience to my voice , it is one of the most important things, You May ask why?. Because my voice comes to those who have truly forgiven others and truly have repented of all sin ,everyone . My children the ones who hear my voice the clearest are the ones most humble, most repentive , I can use them for my kingdom to serve me. The last thing is true Repentance, you must turn away from all sin from all of the enemy strongholds in your life. You must be seeking me with all your heart all of you, which means you have made me your father and my son Jesus the Christ top priority you have given up all, every worldly thing that can be given up . My children you have to do these things to learn to walk in holiness for without it you are not worthy to escape.

For those left behind ,my purging purifying fire will get you ready ,for the main rapture. My purging fire will not be to your liking but it will be better to go thru that ,than face satan’s full wrath. My fire will get you ready ,cleanse you, make you a new creature, you will have to do this before I can send a harvester to you, to take you out of this world. My disobedient bride you should have heed my warnings. My left behind children do not let satan trick you or even force you to deny me the father or my son Jesus the Christ for than you will have to repent ,truly and you will have little or no time left. Satan will also try for you ,to curse me out with your lips please at all cost do not do that again you will have to truly repent of it.
Please do not take the mark of the beast there is no turning back you will dam your self forever, eternal damnation . At any cost do not take satan’s mark, it is better for you to die than get tossed into the lake of fire.
My children time of the end has come and it is now, please get ready ,get all things in order in your lives for when this all starts, my judgements on USA ,Babylon ,there is no stop or turning back. Please prepare for the worst and pray I lessen and shorten your days thru all of satan’s wrath. I love all my children but for my words to come forth and pass ,this must come about . End of message signed your loving heavenly father

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