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Dark Days Are Coming

March 11, 2020 3:24 PM

On 2.25.20 I was outside looking up at the clouds, which appeared foreboding and ominous. In my spirit I heard ‘Dark Days are Coming’. I wasn’t sure if the Holy Spirit was talking about the Three Days of Darkness or the darkness that is come upon the world.

On 3.5.20 at 11:11am I received this message.

I AM THE LORD THY GOD. My people, hearken to My voice! The hour of trial is upon you My children. But fear not! For I am with those who hear My voice and abide in Me. I am the vine, you are the branches.

We must all be about My Father’s business for the harvest is ready to be threshed. The angels go forth to gather the wheat and separate them from the tares that will burn in the everlasting fire.

I come soon My children! The enemy soon too will be unleashed upon the earth along with his army of demonic angelic beings. They seek to overcome and overtake you My children by the great deception which is coming. Do not be deceived little ones! Place your hope and trust in Me for I alone can save you from the horrors, atrocities and the evil of the day.

Did I not say these things would come to pass? My sheep are asleep but are slowly awakening to the harsh reality around them. Arise oh sheep! Look around you and see your decaying world crumbling around you. But this is just the beginning of the trials and tribulations coming upon your planet.

BE STILL AND KNOW I AM GOD. HIDE UNDER THE SHADOW OF MY MIGHTY WINGS. HEAR THE VOICE OF MY SPIRIT, RUACH HAKODESH. SEEK ME IN MY WORD, ESPECIALLY IN THE PSALMS AS I HAVE SAID. You will draw much power and strength from My Word, which will not return void. Encamp yourself around Me little ones. STAY CLOSER THAN EVER AS THE DARKNESS DESCENDS AND THE WORLD IS THRUST INTO UTTER DARKNESS – THE DARKNESS OF WHICH THE WORLD HAS NEVER SEEN. The evil one and his host of angels will be unleashed during that time to do their evil work for a day. Heed the warnings I have spoken to My chosen ones. Do not scoff at the things you hear because you yourselves do not believe. The day will come when you will not hear the words of the prophets and messengers. You must learn to hear My voice as I call out to My sheep.

I will lead some to safety. My elect I will draw close to Me for they have work to do in bringing the lost into the Great Harvest which will soon take place. There is much work to be done, many sacrifices to be made as My remnant takes their place besides Me, for I will lead them into battle – into the battle of the ages. I speak of the spiritual battle in the heavenlies that began long ago and will culminate in the last great battle the earth will ever see.

DARKNESS APPOACHES MY CHILDREN. You must not stray far from Me for I am the only safe shelter you will need. As the plagues, viruses and pestilences surge forth, you must draw close to the light. I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD! I OVERCAME THE WORLD THAT WAS IN DARKNESS AND NOW MY LIGHT – THROUGH YOU MY CHILDREN – WILL BREAK THROUGH AND PENETRATE THE DARKNESS AND EVIL THAT IS UPON YOUR WORLD! Rise up oh Saints of God! Rise up My sheep! I call forth My remnant to stand firm! The harvest is here! There is much work to be done before the darkness takes over. TRUST IN ME! PUT YOUR FAITH AND TRUST IN ME AND NO OTHER! I will hide you, I will protect you, I will lead you through the coming storms to safety. I am your rock, I am all you will need in the days ahead! Be brave! Be bold! I am with you My children until the end of days is come!

I come soon My children riding upon a white horse in the clouds of glory!

Your loving Savior Yeshua

Psalm 46:10 10Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!

Matthew 25:41 41″Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.
John 1:5 5 And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.


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  1. Sophia

    Thank you for sharing, Cryptic1! But when is “soon”? Soon=never in my lifetime. 2000 years ago Jesus said the same words and he never came. But the sufferings and perscutions surly came just remember the Holocaust of God’s people and the world war. Jesus never came to deliver anybody of his people. I’m so disappointed that sometimes I think Jesus is a liar. My whole life is great tribulation and the last years, especially the last month were so severe and damaged me physically, emotionally and mentally so heavy that my life is hopeless, irreversible, and the persecutions and torments don’t stop. I must live with the anxiety that they will lock me away and torture me again. My pain and suffering is unbearable for such a long time. I totally lost hope and faith that Jesus would ever come to rescue me. I trusted the Lord and he disappointed me and didn’t keep his word and his promises. That’s an indescribable pain. Maybe in 2000 years people are in the same great suffering like christians are today and they hear the same thing: I’m coming soon, the rapture is NOW, ect. It’s so frustrating and brings into despair. God bless you

  2. Aguinel Brasil

    I know how it is, it seems that our cry falls on the ears of a blind and deaf God, as if our tears are worthless. I have been asking for death daily, although I do not suffer physical aggression, I know what it is to be mentally tortured. I wonder how long it will all continue. Jesus does not lie, I know that he is faithful. They say a minute in hell is an eternity, maybe that’s it. I hope that this minute here in this hell will end soon, that God will have mercy on us! Be strong my dear sister, I share your pain.

  3. Marc

    There’s no quick exit…..out.
    We are officially in the tribulation, with these viruses now, the opening of the door.
    Prepare food and physical actions, along with spiritual strength.
    Fear nothing but the Lord himself.
    Amen Christ Jesus.

  4. Marc

    Are you still interested in the Lord?
    Or is it just you and your feelings?
    We all have pain and suffering!!
    You are not alone….
    It doesn’t matter if people not of the Lord, have given you flase hope in the past.
    God’s blessings to you, are real and it’s happening now…. does that mean tomorrow…no, it’s the season.
    Read the Bible, pray for others, and then repent from doubt…ask forgiveness.
    Amen Christ Jesus.

  5. cornelldebeer

    Dear Sophia. God is just, honourable, righteous and love. Sometimes the trails we experience prepare us for what is coming. Trust in God, our Father can see ahead and know what is best for each of His children. You only but have to look at Luke 13, Matthew 24 Ezekiel 38 and 39 to see that we are the fig tree generation. Prophecies has come in fulfilment right before our eyes.

    Ask God to renew your mind, thoughts. To create in you a new spirit. Ask Jesus to fill you with His Holy Spirit afresh. Ask God to fill your lamp with His oil.

    Give yourself completely over to God. Surrender and trust in Him! Stand strong in faith. Plead God’s armour daily over you and the pure forgiving healing protective blood with the lamb. We walk by faith not sight.

    Read psalm 33 and 91. Believe that we are safed by God’s grace in Faith. Jesus died for our sins and was resurrected after 3 days. It’s finished it’s done. It’s easy to say but our troubles here on earth is but a moment compared to eternity.

    I will pray for you. Rebuke the enemy. Declare God’s will and promises.

    God bless.

  6. Thank you Cryptic for sharing.

    “You must not stray far from Me for I am the only safe shelter you will need”

    This is a confirmation.

    Last week as I was sleeping on my bed, the Lord taught me about how the sheep is supposed to walk with the Shepherd the master.

    He says we should hold him, and he will guide us.

    Even as a sheep, following the master, we shouldn’t leave him, because there are many temptations and dangers around.

    The moment we leave him and only follow him, that we can be distracted and lured with what Is happening around us, and then we will go astray.

    That even as a sheep we can go astray.

    Because the temptations in this world are just too much.

    So the Lord said that the only way to survive in this world as his sheep without going astray is to hold him while walking with him.

    Hold him tight and fix your eyes upon him, look forward and don’t be distracted with worldly things, if not you can go astray.

    He reminded me of the Lost sheep, and the lost coin and the prodigal son.

    These three parables came to my mind.

    When I woke up .I wrote them down so that I wouldn’t forget.

    But this came after I taught about being a sheep.

    So there is more to be just a sheep, it entails much.

    It is not easy to be a Christian, let alone a child of God, his follower.

    He said, if you you want to follow me, you must carry your cross and follow me.

    We must forsake the world and the things of the world.

    We must shun every distraction of any sort.

    Heavenly race is not a joke, we must hold the master tight and follow him, we must not feel relaxed that we are already a sheep and we are saved, No! You must hold him.

    “for I will lead them into battle – into the battle of the ages. I speak of the spiritual battle in the heavenlies that began long ago and will culminate in the last great battle the earth will ever see”.

    So many Confirmations in this word.

    The battle between the good and evil, the controversy is about to be ended.

    Praise God!!

  7. @ Sophia, I understand exactly how you feel.

    Sometimes we ask God, where are you?
    Do you truly exist?

    Yes! He is always with us, and he oversees the affairs of men.

    God knows, he hears, be watches, he cares, and he loves you.

    Jesus is not a liar.

    He is coming soon, his ways are not ours.

    A day is but like a thousand years in his eyes.

    He is not slack in fulfilling his promises.

    Be courageous and know that he is God.

  8. Sarah

    I note the time given 11:11 because that is a number sequence I see often. I asked what this means and all I know – for me – is that the time is close.

    Sophia, you have my compassion. Sometimes, things happen to me, too, that I don’t understand but I cling to Him and not try to figure things out according to my understanding. In my experience, a lot of dark feelings/thoughts arise when I do that. These almost always come from the evil one and they exacerbate and prolong the difficulty. Those thoughts and feelings are also almost always falsehoods, or based on falsehoods. I know it’s really hard to see that when all the negativity is screaming in your face, but that is the nature of the battle at times. “They” will lock you away and torture you again? Who are “they”? But I understand it from an emotional/mental point of view. I’ve been tormented, too.

    Do you remember Joseph from the scripture? He was given these wonderful promises and was very excited about them – and then he was sold into slavery. Then, just as things were improving for him, he was put in prison by false accusation. He was there for a while until he encountered the cupbearer and the Baker, and he thought that after he accurately interpreted their dreams by God, he would be released. Unfortunately, he was forgotten. many patriarchs and saints had to wait for the fulfillment of the promises they were given. Even Eve was given a prophecy of the Messiah, Who didn’t arrive for thousands of years.

    I don’t know your situation. You didn’t give any specifics, but I know very well some of the feelings and discouragements you are facing. And I just want to encourage you to keep holding on, keep trusting, and praise Him. Steadfastly, continue to cling and cling, and praise through the pain. And every time you are tempted with an evil thought, throw scripture at it and stand your ground. You may also need to expose yourself to teaching on spiritual warfare.

    God bless you, Sophia. Believe me, I totally get how you feel. I have to maintain vigilance at all times. Sometimes, just one thought out-of-place, can lead to a horrible cascade. I have to handball it off to the Lord and resist. If you treat the despair like a personality and confront it with scripture, tell it you are standing on the Word (and give the relevant scripture), and act on it with praise and thankfulness, you might find out the nature of the things you are dealing with. It is a force.

    Sometimes, it’s so difficult. I have complained to others. But I know now it’s much better to deal with it with the tools Jesus has already provided.

    Talk with Him or just even *be* with Him. Do this every day, even when you don’t feel like it or when the thoughts go in a bad direction – “what’s the use” type thoughts. It really does make a difference, although sometimes these “quiet times” can be a battleground.

    Our life is all some level of discomfort and trial. I’ll pray for you again. Excuse the length of this. I totally get how you feel and my heart was stirred for you. I hope something I said was helpful. The only thing I want to add is that no matter how awful your situation, I am confident that the Lord cares very much and very much more than you think. Don’t give up.

  9. Leah


    Jesus is the Truth.
    The many that claim to speak for him are liars.
    “And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold.”

    Do not let your love grow cold.
    The refinement process, doesn’t feel good, but it is worth it.
    If you are going through such trials and tribulations, for your faith in Jesus Christ… than perhaps God has great plans to use you for his glory?
    See how Jesus was treated, if they treated Him that way, how much more will they treat those that are chosen by Him?
    Just read what Paul endured, stoning, beatings, drowning, etc… and through Paul, the majority of the New Testament was written.

    Fight the good fight, keep the faith, and finish the race. Do not give in, do not give up!
    “ …we also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance;
    and perseverance, character; and character, hope.
    Now hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us.” Romans 5:3-5

  10. Sofia,
    I’m under attack, but not as bad. It’s hard. Think SWEET GOD ALMIGHTY is talking about the 3 Days of Darkness. Sontttu78 channel, “Signs leading up to the 3 D of D”! Older vid!

  11. Eyes Open

    NO THING …..Nothing shall separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus. No kind of peril. No distress. No plaque no famine no persecution not even death shall separate us from His loving arms. Let us all hold onto Christ as He carries us through challenging days ahead as He holds us close. He is our light. He truly is ALL that we need to succeed!!! Pray fast read the Bible and seek the lost that they may be saved. Go forth and reap the harvest as we are commanded. May God be with you all in Jesus name amen.

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