Daniel and Civil Protection! – Kristina Heuken-Goossenr

Daniel and Civil Protection!
May 5, 2019 at 1:20 AM
Kristina Heuken-Goossenr

Hello everybody!

Yesterday I already reported that I had prepared a wedding with.
And yesterday was the big day / evening.
Still full of beautiful pictures, moments and conversations, I still come here, driven by the Ruach ha Kodesh, to post the message from the day before yesterday.

Why do I let the wedding flow in?
I had an incredibly interesting conversation with a young man who told me that he is studying computer science for civil protection.
That he stands quite alone and it is very difficult to get a foot in the big organizations.
And that he has the feeling that this disaster protection will come very soon again. Although many do not see it that way.
I stood there looking forward to having such an interesting conversation with this man.
Waking up this morning, I thought of it and asked GOD why it would still linger:
Suddenly I came:
This young man was called Daniel!
And I knew immediately – Daniel the Prophet –
and Civil Protection is, so to speak, the reference to Daniel’s prophecies for the end times!

So here’s the word:

MY beloved child,
hear the word of the LORD, LORD!

Because there is information about the eschatological and the present!

This is the word of the LORD, LORD:
Thus says the LORD!

Who can truly interpret the stars and
who really can understand
to what MY word about finite announces!

Did not Daniel write down the word?
Yes, did not the prophets hold on to everything?

Oh, hear human children!
Oh, listen MY little flock!

You who live as if it could go on and on!

But I tell you
Open your eyes!

YES, many things have already been fulfilled and much is about to be fulfilled!

But be careful!

You who think
that happens sometime!

It will strike you like lightning and
you will not escape from my wrath!

And you, MY little flock,
you are already with ME,
do not worry,
whether you are worthy!

You are already going through so much tribulation and pain,
through sorrow and attack and danger!
Worry about your soul
so that you can stand sacred before ME!

Be well-versed with MY Word,
that will carry you!
It’s a coat for you in times of uncertainty!

So in prayer always come to ME and spread ME
your worries and I take care!
Keep your heart in and know:
When your time is,
YES, be sure of that,
I let you know!
I say this to you, so you do not mess with
too much worried and be free,
for the important things!

So rejoice, MY little ones and rejoice in ME!
You will have to suffer hardships for a short time!
But in ME you will find the strength
and the courage to do it all!

Because know
And thus your trip HOME!

I tell you now:
Keep your hearts and robes white and clean!
Always repent and forgive!
So that I can forgive!
Because time rushes
and you are children of the LIGHT!
Let your light shine,
especially in dark places!
There it is particularly asked!

as I have beared and endured!

And always go with ME!
So that the darkness can not harm you!
Be patient and wait!

Because who overcomes,
I’ll be sure of that
not withhold the crown!

AMEN, that says,
who´s name is AMEN!

so be happy all the time
because I overcame!

MY children


And he that overcometh, and keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations:

Dear Ones,
There is nothing more important than having our house in order and bringing it!
Not tomorrow – NOW!


And as always the German Version:

And the German Version from :
As it was in old days!




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