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Counterfeit Humans

September 7, 9:04 PM

Prophecy Vision given on June 21, 2021 Mid-day

Just moments ago, I received significant confirmation of a supernatural vision and understanding that I received June 21, 2021, in the middle of the day. I have been listening to an extended interview by Alex Jones with Dr. Stella Emmanuel, the major Frontline Doctor. She is a warrior of God for His people. Just minutes ago, she told the world that many of these people who are harming humans are NOT HUMAN, but BLOOD DRINKERS! I have shared this exact statement superficially with my own intimate people only to be brushed off. This is why I must share this, because Dr. Stella needs others of us to stand with her.

Before I deliver my vision, I want to say that after having received this vision, I enrolled in a certified College of Divine Healing and Deliverance. I am studying Cal Pierce’s material for Healing Rooms to develop more discernment.


I was looking at God’s Watchmen all across the globe, who were trying to get “people” to ‘Wake Up!’ to the dangers we are in. The Watchmen were shouting and waving their hands in the air because they were so tired and at the same time, so desperate for “people” to understand.

Then an angel standing beside me explained,

“What you are witnessing is the misdirected attention of Christ’s faithful because of a Truth they do not understand yet.”

“First, when God created “man”, you were a very specific creation within all of the rest of creation. God’s man and woman were unique and still are. Then, over time, the generalized populations of people became confused because ‘science’ defined ‘human’ in broad terms which made God’s people unrecognizable from all of the scientific races of ‘humans’, such as the Neanderthals. They were never God’s human beings and they are not now. At this point in time, there are relatively few of God’s men and women on earth. In Noah’s time, there were only 8 of God’s people. There are very, very few now compared to the world population of generalized “humans”. This is why Jesus called you, His remnant.”

“Second, Lucifer has been mixing counterfeit human genetics for thousands of years, on this planet and beyond. Today, what you are witnessing is a release of Lucifer’s counterfeit human beings into the general world population. This is happening because Lucifer is both distracting God’s people from focusing on Jesus, and because he can manipulate the people of God to despair in their effort to warn, help, or lead to salvation, the creatures they are mistaking for God’s people.”

“In order to fulfill your allotted time on earth and do God’s work in this stressful period, you must all become discerning of who your brothers and sisters in Christ actually are, and who are the children of God that have not heard the warning yet.”

The additional understanding that I took away was that there are large groups of people, such as nation states, that are almost entirely made up of counterfeit humans. I have had to really give this some prayer. But as I have watched, looking to see if there were any signs, I am beginning to wonder if this is true. Malachi Martin, a Catholic exorcist wrote in his book, Dark Kingdom, that it is unique to this time that whole institutions have become ‘perfectly possessed’ of the devil. This means that they both willingly serve the devil and delight in it. Could this apply to whole nations or states?
Please pray about this and seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance. For me, this has opened up a new commitment to laying everything else aside that I might be able to do only God’s work.

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