Conversation With Mike Pence – Adam Steiger


Conversation With Mike Pence

January 15, 2021
Adam Steiger

I’m going to share here a brief “mind dream” that I had involving Mike Pence about a year and a half ago. It was a more bizarre kind of experience for me, as it played out more like a telepathic communication in my head (while I was half awake) as opposed to entering into full-out dream mode.

Here’s my entry:

August 14, 2019

This was a dream-state conversation in my head, where I was sitting next to Mike Pence, as if I was “buddy-buddy” with him.

I then said to him:

“Mike, in Jesus’ name, what are you?”

Pence chuckled, and said:

“I’m about 7’9”. I’m thought to be BIG; about 500 lbs.”

(13 words + 18 syllables = 31)


“And you all are meat heads!”

Edit: And if you get number meanings, you can add up his words, plus the syllables, and get an even deeper message.

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