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Mike Pence Is A Fallen Angel

January 14, 2021 5:59 PM

Dear Friends in Christ

On the 6 jan 2020 I followed the escalation in Washington. I commented before the situation went bad to a friend of mine the following on sms…
I wrote “Mike Pence” followed by “three tums down”. I thereafter wrote “dislojal vice president”.

Later a few days I spoke with a friend and asked for a comment of what I had written… My friend listened and said the following.. “That is strange.. He is difficult to see in the spirit… Wait… I now know why… he is a fallen angel..

Listen again what my friend got from our Lord… Mike Pence is a fallen angel

… now you / we understand more of how bad the situation is. This is alarming !

Swedes in the service of Our Lord Jesus

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