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A Greater Level Of Fear – MJ


A Greater Level Of Fear

January 9, 2021 12:56 PM


It has been some months since I have posted to this website. The Lord has had me quiet and watching the events around our earth, unsure of what’s going on. Never one to speculate or speak on my own emotions I knew to keep still. However, last night, after much battling and spiritual guidance, I do have a word from the Lord.

In a dream I saw Mike Pence and other leaders around the world change their appearances. Picture in your mind’s eye the talking lizard on the insurance commercials mixed with the blue avian people from the Avatar movies. That is what they started looking like. However, before they started changing, many of them died. But they were not actually dead, it was all an act. The televisions were showing all of these world leaders had died from covid. They would display their funerals on live television and would blame covid as the causes of death. This had a profound affect on the general populace and many that were against the vaccine before this came running to get it afterwards. The fear level of most became on a level far greater than the fear we see now. This is how they were able to accomplish their goals by making people so afraid.

What I feel the Lord is showing me is that many world leaders that you see on your televisions are not complete human beings. Some are a mix, a hybrid, of human and serpent. This serpent dna was passed down through the line of Cain and his descendants. These hybrids can appear quite human but underneath the surface they are indeed reptilian or serpent like shapeshifters. They are evil to the core and have one agenda, to enslave mankind under the Antichrist system. Covid was their beginning to that agenda. And do not be deceived by the political theater that is playing on your televisions right now. It is indeed theater. None of it is really what they are telling you. They are actors playing their parts in Satan’s play. Some will be made to look like heroes, villains and fall guys, but none of it is real.

The Lord also impressed upon me the Scripture verse Jesus spoke about regarding the wheat and the tares. A tare, or bearded darnel, as it is known in the Middle East, is a type of weed that grows alongside the wheat. It looks just like wheat and you cannot tell them apart until the darnel is fully ripe. At that point it sprouts its head and is recognizably different from wheat. Interestingly, if the bearded darnel is left next to the wheat long enough it will poison the wheat and kill it.

The Lord is showing me that during the time of His return to earth, these tares or bearded darnel would begin to show themselves. As in the days of Noah, right?

Christ is exposing them and they will be shown for who they are. You will see then in their true form. Many of them will have to go in hiding and will fake their own deaths to do this. Many are already showing themselves around the mouth area. The Lord has also shown me that this is one of the main reasons for the worldwide face mask mandates. Some of the bearded darnels are beginning to change their appearance around the mouth area. So they are covering up and making everyone else cover up, masking themselves and corrupting the image and likeness of God in His human creation.



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