Dream, Plague, Vaccine


Benjamin West (1738–1820)
Death on the Pale Horse Detroit Institute of Arts


August 24, 2021 3:05 PM
Mike Allen

Had a powerful dream from God that woke me from my sleep. My heart was drawn to the book of Revelations to the pale horse.

I saw what looked like a man at a close distance. He had an unsettled countenance about him that gave me cause for concern. As I watched, he started trembling and I saw something about his left hand begin to change. Something appeared upon his left hand and he grasped it and broke it in his grip. I speedily retreated from his presence to a far distance. A pale green hue or glow started manifesting over his body and he began to change his countenance and appearance rapidly to the worse. The now grotesque and sickly looking man went speedily forth among men.


People who have received the vaccination don’t know that they have been given much more than what has been told to them, as seen in the left hand. A seal breaks and the vaccine brings forth a sickness in the vaccinated that will spread rapidly. The sight of what manifests in them will be so bad to behold that it will cause everyone to flee their presence in fear for their own lives.

Pray for Gods protection from these things coming forth.

My name is Mike. I’ve never reached out like this on anything God has shown me before but I must cast my line much further than I have in my small church to reach the people. None on the things he has shown have failed. God showed me in a fishing dream that I cast my line at the beach and it didn’t make it to the water. I had always kept the things he showed me close to home, but now I hope through means like your sight it will now reach those who need to hear.

Thank you,

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