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come out of the thorns and feed my sheep – Anonymous

come out of the thorns and feed my sheep

Dec 16, 2019 10:12 AM



I stumbled on your website and I am happy that the Lord is raising His true church to warn others and encourage each other in our trials. We are not alone!

After enduring abuse, mind games, rejection from yet another worldly church with a form of Godliness, doing and saying all the right things but whose leaders and members’ hearts are still full of the world’s pride and selfishness, I cried out to the Lord. Lord is it me, am I doing something wrong, was I wrong for leaving that church so abruptly? He gave me a clear vision and words, this is the first time that I have a vison like this from Him: He whispered “come out of the thorns and feed my sheep” In this vision there was thorns and briers in a desert and a man like figure walking away from it victorious, full of peace, and undamaged. This figure I could tell was guided by God’s Holy Spirit.

I understood from this that God does NOT want His children to be part of a church that will impede our walk with Him, in fact our true mission is not what the church requires of us, most church goers are only serving the pastors’ vision, doing busy church works, but their hearts are still guided by Babylon. Only God can regenerate our hearts, to serve Him instead of ourselves. He requires sacrifice and humility instead of selfishness and pride. I am now fulfilling what He has required of me, talking to others about the Good News of salvation through Jesus, or being kind and patient when people are mean, dying to self, having compassion and helping the least of these, and this starting in my own home with my demanding child. I am feeding His sheep through His might and love so that I may point others to Christ through my attitude. This is not always easy but we need to abide in Him every moment for without Him we can do nothing and we will succumb to temptation. I am doing all this without attending a church. As He says in His Word we are complete in Christ; He is our head and we are His body.

Have a blessed day and thank you again for your website full of wisdom and encouragement from the Lord.


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