Come, My children! – Thalitha Kumi

Come, My children!

Oct 17, 2019, 5:58 PM
Thalitha Kumi

The days go by, one by one –
in retrospection – what have you done?
Did you repair the house of your soul?
Are you still in shambles, or are you whole?
Can My spirit abide in you,
or am I compelled to say: ‘let go!’? –
this house is much too run-down for Me –
for I see only wood, hay and stubble,
and everywhere lay only worldly rubble.

All My children, so very dear –
do work out your salvation with trembling and fear.
How do you build with gems, silver and gold?
Look, this knowledge is of old –
silver is wisdom,
Divine love is gold;
gems are truths of everything good –
this, My children, is heavenly food.

Sweep your soul of worldly gain,
give no heed of what the world is sayin’.
Mammon is not going to save your day,
I AM your refuge, come what may.

I AM your Lord, your God and Saviour,
do not incline to worldly behaviour.
See, the love of most is already cold –
just like My apostle have foretold.

Stay in the heat of My fire of love,
remain on the wings of this heavenly Dove –
then the judgements shall pass you by,
and you won’t have to ask: ‘but why?’!

My feathers cover those close to Me –
all destruction, they will only see.
No-one can enter but through Me, the Light –
wich means to always keep Me in your sight.

Walk as I’ve walked,
talk as I’ve talked –
follow My example,
and on snakes and adders
you shall trample.

Hell is the lack of heavenly love,
that place where the neighbour is left in the rough –
to perish and sorrow in need and pain,
while you walk by and pretend not to see –
while your life and your clothing witness of gain.

AM I less in your neighbour –
less than in you?
Is that what you want others
to do to you?

The same as in you,
in him I also dwell –
so what you do to others,
you do to Me as well.

I feel what you do,
in the heart of your brother –
I feel the joy when you
love one another!

Just the same do I feel the pain,
when a brother is left cold and hungry in the rain –
praying to Me for food and shelter,
but My instruments of love (you!)
run helter skelter –
only to claim: ‘Lord, we’ve cast out demons’
while eating hot soup in cozy homes,
topped with crotons.

My children, when have you stopped reading My words?
Why did you stop loving each other –
instead your your tongues became swords!
Why did you stop to bother?

Is My kingdom not inside of you –
how can you say you’re heading for heaven,
while you do as you do?

Am I not the Way, the Truth, the Life,
why do you follow Satan in pride and strife?
One knows the Bible better than the other,
and in the process, you kill the love of your brother!

Did I not say: ‘Follow Me”?
Or is Moses greater – can’t you see?
I told you love is the greatest law,
I tell you, this even Moses saw!

So build your house on Me as foundation,
I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life.
Love unto Me is to cleanse your soul-motivation,
love unto your neighbour, will make you thrive.

Come, My children, come back to Me.
Forever I want you, in heaven to be!

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