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July 7, 2021 5:25 PM
Handmaid of the Most High


Tuesday, July 6, 2021 11:00PM

I was praying last evening about three troubling experiences I had had in the past week. In brief, I was called to minister to others (one a very serious situation) but in two of the circumstances the Lord had me witness to three different people (strangers) in two different situations. As I was speaking with them, they told me, they were in ministry.

In brief, all three situations, I was called to minister to them and I initiated contact by sharing the words the Holy Spirit led me to share which included my own challenges in the past and present. I was also led to pray for the one, who said she is in charge of a prayer ministry for more than 30 minutes and then another 10 minutes for her husband (lovely people). The other circumstance was not healing related, instead I had multiple prophetic words.

In none of these situations, did anyone even offer a word of comfort for my own needs! Even though each knew I am handicapped and in constant pain. I can not tell you how common this is. Though I am physically handicapped and also harassed by the occult on a constant basis, I rarely even get a comment of compassion or support (for some really horrible things) and it is very rare when prayer is offered. It amazes me still, though it truly shouldn’t, because it is the norm. I know if this is how ministers and followers of Christ treat me, then they treat others that way as well and lack concern for the lost and hurting.

Here is what the Holy Spirit said to me:

Gimme Gimme Gimme, More More More, I want I want I want, these are the prayers of the saints, that claim they follow me but their prayers are empty only desiring to fulfill their fleshly desires. They are so focused on accumulation and comfort they rarely consider the needs of anyone else. Seldom do they ask how they can serve others and when they do it is often only those among their family and friends.

They are not focused on the great commission, they are focused on a comfortable ride until they get to heaven. They skip over the scriptures of being a servant to others, nor do they reflect on scripture regarding Christ’s mission to serve. They don’t consider that they could be in dire straits with the turn of circumstances (except to fear it when they see things happen to others and seek ways to insulate from them occurring). They are so self-focused that they fear only what could happen to them and never what is happening to their brother or sister. It is always me, me, me.

They have become an abomination to me. Many are so lulled into their own realities that they have no idea that they are rarely even used by me. They think because they are a deacon or “Queen” of the prayer group that they will be adored by many but I tell you if they are not careful, they will completely step off the narrow path! And many already have.

In vain they worship me because they are of an impure heart and though they speak about me with their lips, they are off doing their own thing and not about Kingdom work. To busy shopping for that new accessory for their home, their camper, their boat, they have let the cares (and luxuries) of this world lull them into selfish and contemptible beings.

I have told my children to shine the light of Christ but they use their titles and positions to boast about themselves rather than seek to serve others. They do it to build themselves up in the eyes of others but what many others see the hypocrite that they really are.

They just want to reap more. It is about vanity and comfort. They have forgotten the Great Commission or it is not first in their life. They have forgotten that Jesus himself was nearly always comforting others, healing others, teaching kingdom principles to the lost and weary.

They have forgotten their first love. They are neither hot nor cold but lukewarm and I will spew them out of my mouth. I call them to repentance but since they seldom listen to me, they do not hear my cries to them to be true leaders and warriors on behalf of others. They seldom give me more than a passing thought except when they want a parking spot closer to the mall entrance or when they fear something bad.

They accept mediocrity and raise their children to be the same. Many even brag about growing up in the church and think that counts for something in my eyes. I tell you be born again. I tell you fulfill the Great Commission.

Stop seeking MORE for yourself and ask me how you can serve others. There are great needs all around you and all you have to do is look. Stop using the sheep to meet your needs and start asking me, how you can meet the needs of the sheep! I don’t care how much you have achieved. I care how much you can achieve to fulfill the needs of the Kingdom. Did not my son say, “If any man desire to be first, he must be a servant of all.”? Then why, are you ignoring this?

I am coming for a Bride without spot or blemish. She has served me by serving others. She is constantly seeking me to guide and direct her to be a servant to others. She knows that the church was always called to serve and not seek after worldly things or accolades. She knows that time is short and desires to bring forth lost souls for the kingdom and is not consumed by accruing more debt or how to pay for a vacation to Disney World or other visit other places of great darkness. She is not broadcasting Sunday morning service with Jimmy’s Margaritaville in the background! She does not call darkness light and light darkness. She is guided by my Holy Spirit and is appalled by the works of darkness! She is a sheep led by the Master’s voice and not someone to lazy to work to demonstrate the depth of my Son’s love.

I am coming for her soon. She knows that the antichrist is ready. He is watching from the sidelines. He is watching how the church has become an empty tomb full of frauds, who are willing to sit for the “service” then go along back to the world of which they are a part of never seeking to know the mysteries of the Creator or His desire to be in relationship with His creation. I say the dead can bury the dead. Those truly living for Christ, the Messiah, promised long ago, is Risen and calls all to His abundant life.

The times are perilous. Wake up or continue to snore. You have chosen. But you can repent. You can serve me in these last seconds before I come. It’s still your choice.


~Handmaid of the Most High~ Psalm 37:30, Acts 2:18-19


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*Note: Most of the message was attacked and deleted upon completion and had to be retyped additionally my body was also attacked with great ferocity and tremendous pain! This happens with nearly every message I type.

This is a true message from God and I urge you to heed it.

Sidenote: There was a July 4th broadcast from Disney Village by a “pastor” on youtube that has more than 50 thousand followers. He was celebrating his anniversary with his wife at the heart of darkness. The Lord calls upon him to repent. Until he does, do not follow his teachings!


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