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‘Christians Will Be Like Rats’ Part One (WARNING DREAM) – Witness For Yeshua Mashiach

‘Christians Will Be Like Rats’ Part One (WARNING DREAM)

November 8, 2019
Witness For Yeshua Mashiach



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hello everyone this is witness for
yeshua mashiac i’m jolene cotton and to
have a dream i want to share with you
today this particular dream is not a
long dream but it’s very profound and it
is basically a snippet of what’s to come
bear with me please
okay in this dream I suddenly showed up
in a man’s body
I was a in his body or or I was
perceiving through his eyes I think I
was one with him or seeing through him I
was allowed to be in him in spirit I
guess anyway there’s a reason why I’m
saying that anyway so I was perceiving
through him I wasn’t Jolene and this
dream was given to me about eight nine
months back okay and I’m telling you
that for a reason also alright this is
the dream that I told you I would tell
you in the other dream so so I was in
this man’s body you could say and I was
on a ship I don’t know what it’s called
what kind of ship it is but it was large
and we were at sea and I don’t know if I
was Chinese or Japanese Vietnamese or I
don’t know what what the reason why I’m
bringing that up is because I wasn’t
speaking English and when this man was
speaking it was like I was speaking and
I understood this language and it was
not English at all I was the boss
apparently because suddenly a room there
was a rush of a lot of men that came
towards me and they were all speaking
this language and they all looked
Japanese Chinese I’m sorry I don’t want
to offend anybody I just don’t know the
the specifics sorry but um they came to
me they were angry disgusted and excited
but in a very walled up murderous type
of anger it was very all of a sudden it
was like an emergency and so they came
to me and they were needing my authority
my my approval to do something and so
I’m in this man or perceiving through
him and I could feel his feelings how he
felt about the information that these
men were coming to him with and
immediately I felt a disgust and a rage
a hatred that I’d never felt before like
this what the men told him was that
there’s Christians on board and they
wanted to know if they could have the
get you know if they could have the go
to go and kill him and I say yes
immediately in this different language
and I was this man it wasn’t me saying
yes to kill anybody but uh I could feel
his rage and it was it was a rage and
disgust okay
and so these men went off and met up
with other men that already started
whirling the Christians up and it was a
bunch of primarily women and children
but there was a few men and they all
looked Asian Chinese or Japanese I don’t
know and they looked so bad they looked
so bad so
like they’ve been through everything
like they were dirty sweaty their hair
was madee like oily and really like they
were without a bath for a long time and
they were so scared anyway they’d
already endured physical abuse because
some already they had a lot of a lot of
blood markings and smears old blood but
they were being beaten the men had
already begun beating them in my dream
there was no gun I think if there was a
gun they would have shot him but there
was no gun okay they pull these people
up and I see them they came from below
decks they were hiding they were running
and these men proceeded proceeded to
beat them one of them had a pipe thingy
that I could see clearly it looked like
a piece of pipe uh I don’t know what it
was for sure but they were beating them
and one man proceeded to stump the
brains out of one of them and it was so
awful me Joline and I couldn’t in dear
watching any more of it seeing this the
dream ended it was a very it was so real
and it was so awful I’ll never forget it
never can’t
after this dream I and I’m shaking
shaking calm down after this dream I
cried and I prayed to the Lord and I
asked him why why why were they killing
the Christians so first of all why were
the Christians running in hiding what
were they trying to escape from why
would they get on a ship where no one
would know that they’re there if they’re
lucky but that also means no one would
be providing them food or water or
nothing and they would rather why would
they rather be on a ship like that with
nothing with their children and then why
was it acceptable to murder them by any
means even without proper like any kind
of gun or anything with no law no
nothing it was lawful or legal or
whatever to kill him and I couldn’t get
out of my mind and I still remember of
course how that man felt the man that I
was perceiving from the disgust that
disgust he felt for these persons that’s
all he knew about them they’re
Christians in fact in my dream I didn’t
even verify if they were Christians or
not I didn’t ask them nothing he didn’t
talk to them just the thought that
they’re Christians
was just so horrendous to him and I
could feel his feelings in this dream
his feelings I can feel him as though
they were my own so
the way he felt towards them me he felt
disgusted in raged and here’s the thing
about a week and a half ago the Holy
Spirit started coming on me like
brand-new hard to store sharing some of
the dreams the Lord gave me and gave me
some and I’ve been holding on to some
for like two years this one’s I’ve been
having that I had this dream eight nine
months ago but I shared the dream about
the grocery store stuff panic chaos to
get prepared but this one was the second
one that the way spirit was on me to
share now about three nights ago
three nights ago I’m sitting in the
living room it’s late at night I’m about
to go to bed and this particular dream
comes on me hoard like this I have to do
it now I have to hurry up and do it
I had begun I already recorded this
dream and I had already begun editing it
after 18 hours of editing it and there’s
a reason why I’m telling you this okay
it doesn’t it doesn’t even the audio
cuts out it’s crazy my software is
giving me problems so I’m using this
this camera and the lighting isn’t that
great so please excuse the lighting so
I’m not trying to pull a Roxanne on yeah
you have to put on the red light you
know I actually have a regular light it
just doesn’t work right it’s not good
anyway this will just have to do for now
but this is the thing I wanted to share
this dream with you immediately after I
got it eight nine months ago I was
pushed to despite how much I wanted to
share it as push to hold on to it and I
think I know why I’m noticing this is
becoming a regular thing here we’re had
dreams given to me some time ago and
then now I’m being pushed to share them
and then as I focus on them individually
one by one I see why the Lord may
hold on to them for this particular
dream some night I’m gonna tell you
something it’s been about four weeks now
okay I had a rat infestation in my home
now how does this tie into this dream
hang on hang on I’m gonna tell you I’m
gonna tell you why but this was three
nights ago the Holy Spirit was pushing
this dream this dream tell this dream
now right after that that’s what I’m
feeling like I got to tell this dream I
got to share it with everyone then I
started thinking about how am I gonna
tell people this and then how am I gonna
describe the way that man felt towards
people those Christians and they had
flashes of memories of what’s been going
on in my life personally about killing
rats and how much I hated rats and I
hate rats
they’re horrible horrible and I love
people that are gonna feel bad about me
saying that get a rat infestation in
your home and see how quick you’re gonna
turn on on my promise see if you’re not
gonna want them rats are awful so here’s
the thing I had a rat infestation and
before I even knew about it I gotten
sick I’ve been having health problems
like I can’t even tell you okay
bad bad I was bedridden for nine weeks
bedridden for nine weeks I lost nine
pounds in six days I’d gotten so
dehydrated despite serious hydration
that while my bottom lip solidified into
a hardened almost dead and almost dying
I was dying the flesh was just I was I
had to go to the hospital get rehydrated
I write a bunch of tests on me it’s
submit a bunch of samples and they still
couldn’t find what was wrong with me
but they gave me a course of antibiotics
as ordered to get better and then I
discovered had a rat infestation
and the horror my son had to help me I
was so ill so bad
bedridden I have a mother was with
Alzheimer’s I take care of her I have
two little babies and I have my older
son and I have all my responsibilities I
work I have everything and I couldn’t do
barely anything and the suffering was so
bad bad it’s what it kicked off vertigo
thought I was gonna die
vertigo is a nightmare to have I mean it
was just so many things going on at once
and have heart problems going on right
now so made it worse when you’re
severely dehydrated was just so bad I
had to get my son to help me to clean
one of the backbackback closets utility
closets and it was so full of rat pee
and poo back there because it’s all shut
off they have been living they were
living in my roof okay and my ceiling of
attic and they had nested okay and
there’s so much pee and poo him cleaning
that his face went purple I’ve never
seen that in my life okay the only time
I’ve ever seen a purple face was me when
I was in the delivery room to give birth
to him and my blood pressure was so high
I was gonna die I mean it was just so
bad but anyway he turned but it was just
so bad it was so bad you don’t want to
have a rat infestation I grew to hate
they’ll crap on your clothes you’ll open
up your drawers or if they’re stored
clothes or anything and storage they’ll
tear it up destroy it photographs ever
they’ll pee everywhere they spray pee on
things literally like a mist it’s the
weirdest thing I’ve learned a lot about
rats and they’ll burrow into your food
and your food storage they will chew
through your walls dig through your
walls and tear up your your actual
they’ll do property damage it’s awful
and so I had to throw out so much stuff
I couldn’t believe it it was so awful
because I can’t I mean they would they
peed on a lot of my children’s toys
stuffed animals pulling out pull digging
for food just it was awful so
I grown to hate rats and I’m telling you
about this and it’s not something I’m
proud of to tell you how to write
infestation that’s humiliating okay but
I’m telling you about this because it
ties into this dream so hang on you’ll
see what I’m talking about I hate rats
seriously I had tried everything in the
market I’m trying getting trying to get
better trying to to not be so swollen
and so dehydrated and dizzy and stuck to
the bathroom with my stomach it was so
blowout furniture sale everything had to
go I was so miserable I had to get rid
of everything and I tried everything on
the market to kill rats everything until
I I now know how to kill rats like I
killed them all they’re all dead in 12
hours 12 hours we killed 17 rats before
that we killed eight with just doing you
know little cheese or some butter things
you call a peanut butter on a trap kill
eight but after I tried a particular
thing in 12 hours we killed 17 rats and
then there was a king daddy rat or
whatever it was like the boss it was the
big one that one it was too smart and
didn’t touch any of the traps it ended
up eating glass out of one of my candy
drawers a little thing I had and found
that 1/8 glass and died about 4 feet
away from that area so I am rat-free
have had to have a lot a lot a lot of
work done to clean my home and to get it
to where they cannot come in again ever
so expensive nightmare it is horrible it
got to the point where while I was
trying to kill these things
I was opening up all their their nest
area and cleaning and son look we were
bleaching the house and so they started
coming out so no nose in the bathroom or
the commode I’m just being honest and I
had one fall down in the closet running
and then one ran through the the
bathroom doors like
I mean these things are terrible even
their fleas they have little itty-bitty
fleas these things carry disease and
viruses I got sick okay it’s awful and I
was so scared because I don’t want my
children to get it whatever I got it and
then when I found that I had the rat
infestation I told my doctor and he gave
me the appropriate medication so I’m
better now I’m getting better I’m a lot
better so there is some things I want to
tell you and it ties to the dream I
think the Lord waited wanted me to wait
and hold on to the stream so that I can
experience what it was like having a
nightmare rat infestation because three
nights ago whenever the Holy Spirit came
on me hardcore like – seriously share
this dream the way that man felt about
Christians the hate the utter disgust
reminded me of how I feel about rats
you don’t own you don’t understand one
night I went to bed and my little two
children were sleeping in the bed sleep
in the bed just look my little baby’s
I crawled into the bed and there was
something moving in the bed and I kicked
in the sheets I was freaking out I was
screaming I would have never imagined
having a rat sleeping in my bed with my
I’m serious I’m not this is not
something I want the world to know it’s
humiliating but I for the sake of the
dream that the Lord gave me for you to
understand how much I hate rats
that rat ran up in between me and my
I ran God above the sheets cuz I had to
hide him up
I pulled the sheets up ran across I
couldn’t see it’s dark okay I didn’t
know it was a rat at the time I didn’t
know what it was it was in in the feet
area of my bed it ran down the bed
toward the feet area again this time it
was above the sheets the blanket I
kicked so hard
it flew slammed against the window slid
down fell on the floor and scurried out
the room and the way it sounded I knew
was a rat I can’t tell you how
horrifying how disturbing and how
disgusting that was I can’t this I
screamed so bad I woke up everybody in
the house and my son ran to the bedroom
was like what’s wrong you know what’s
wrong you know it’s just I scared
everybody my children ah I couldn’t stop
at the heebie-jeebies a good stop
jumping and freaking out still I’m oh
just look telling it to you’re reliving
it kind of it’s just awful
we couldn’t go to bed after that of
course not I got my babies I we had the
gold get get in the shower
pull all the blankets off the bed get
rid of it you know and just it was just
so all
okay I hate rats
you have no idea you have no idea trust
me I hate rats so I found a way to kill
them and it got to the point where if
the rat trap had snapped on a big one on
a big rat these big rats are smart they
will jump with their bodies because it
won’t break their their little necks
they will jump with their bodies and
then when they land on the floor with
the trap it’ll loosen them they’ll get
free so I’d stay up all night I did for
that one night it just took 12 hours I
stayed up all night and I’d hear him I’d
hear a snap I can get up with a hammer
I’m telling you I was so so happy I was
so I was rejoicing at the sound of that
trap I’m telling you because I wouldn’t
them rats going okay I’m telling you and
so I go run and if it was a still alive
bow I would take care of it okay I was
so happy to kill it and that’s not me no
but I was hunting you hear me tried to
get rid of it I’m simulating doing this
video okay well trust me I hate rats I
have a hatred for rats that I can’t put
words to and the way that man felt about
Christians that’s how I feel about rats
hence why the video is called Christians
will be like rats and it’s coming now I
want to talk to you about that
I’ll do another video this one’s already
almost 25 minutes long there are some
things you need to know you literally
need to know some of you know some of
this already but I’ve got to share this
to you I think the Lord made me wait on
telling this dream cuz I could have told
the to you months ago so that I could
experience a living hell
nightmare rat infestation to grow the
kind of disgust for rights that this man
and my dream felt towards Christians and
I think that’s why the Lord didn’t just
put me in this dream to observe it as
you know a third party I think that’s
why he put me perceiving through that
man to know absolutely truly without
filter how he felt about those
Christians those innocent people so
please stand by for port to well have
some things to tell you and I hope after
it’s all said and done you share it
because people need to know what’s
coming like how bad the Lord wants you
to know thank you for watching


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