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Chinese Invasion of America: 3 Part Vision – Robert A. Avila

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Chinese Invasion of America: 3 Part Vision

March 9, 2013
Robert A. Avila

(Dream from about 1998)
1. Underground Christian movement in China.
2. Men young and old taken from fields, put on ever kind of ship. Flotilla covers horizon. Goes to America. Cities there are swept away, no people left.
3. Humans shipped to China for Black market food.

Original dream received around 1998.
This dream format is similar to many other prophetic dreams I have received from the Holy Spirit.

Part I: A young Chinese boy, about 13, is working a garden with his grandmother in the early morning. He ponders his recent conversion to Christianity. He has hidden this from his family. He really loves his younger brother, and wants to lead him to salvation in Jesus.

This day, they see some ships, a very large ocean-going vessel, and some fishing boats, arrive off the coast. Rowboats come to the shore. Military men wade ashore. They begin grabbing all the men they see. They take males from about age 12 or 13 all the way up to about 50.
The forced conscripts are put on boats while women and grandmothers scream and cry.

Part II: A massive flotilla comprised of a wide variety of ships covers the ocean as far as can be seen. Naval vessels, sail boats, commercial shippers, fishing boats, sail together, in the same direction, west. These are all crossing the open ocean. (This is shown for a few seconds)

Part III: Chinese men in civilian clothing, with weapons, walk through a destroyed town. One picks up a partially burned Mickey Mouse clock. His sister loves Mickey Mouse, so he packs it into his backpack. He intends to mail some of his findings back to his family in China.

Part IV: A ship arrives at a remote location on a Chinese beach. They have an arrangement with their black market buyers. They drop their cargo here, and the buyers later retrieve it.
The cargo is human. They are all white, Caucasians. They are bound, hands and feet together behind their backs; they are hog-tied.
The men of the ship begin throwing the people over the railing onto the rocky beach. Some of these are already dead. Most of them are barely alive. All the people are thrown onto the beach, and the ship leaves.

One man begins to struggle. He can’t break his ropes. So, he begins to inch-worm his way toward a large outcropping of rock. Fatigue and pain overcome him, and he loses consciousness.
He regains consciousness, and renews his struggle. He pauses to catch his breath. He sees a young woman in her twenties. She watches him struggle to move away from the cargo baking in the sun. He wants to help her. But, he knows he can’t. He works his wriggling to gain another few feet. The girl is still watching him. She manages a meager smile. She is glad that at least one person has a chance.

Eventually, the man makes it completely behind a large rock. He passes out. This time, when he comes to, all the others have been retrieved. Now, he must break his ropes, he realizes, or die from exposure.

End of dream.


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