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China and War – Todd “Andrew” Farley

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China and War

May 26, 2024 6:19 PM
Todd “Andrew” Farley

May 26, 2024

A testimony I didn’t know I’d be typing today, that I’ll now share- about war.

In 2012, I was in the middle of an intense process of God flipping me “right side up” and bringing me to the end of my former foolish and fleshly self! (Thank you Jesus!)

During this same period, I had a face to face conversation with a man that I’ll never forget. This person brought up China and was talking about how great they were and our (The United States) relationship with them.

I said something VERY close to the following to him in response:

“Well, one of these days they’re going to be our enemy in war. I’m pretty certain that they’ll be used for the spark of WW-3 combustion; most likely in the South China sea- when they attack Taiwan. So, if or when this happens in the next 10-15 years, don’t be surprised!”

He responded with something VERY close to: “You’re crazy; that will never happen!”

Well, here we are almost 13 years later.

***Please see this quick link below and you will fully understand why I’m sharing what I just shared up above:

When China says something like they just did to their people on national television- they do it! So, if this report is true (which it appears to be) it is very likely to occur this next month or as early as next Saturday, which of course is June 1st.

I am not psychic by the way.

God’s brought me a very long way since then (and I still have a ways to go!) but this was the Holy Spirit of God who had sealed me until the day of redemption. The same Holy Spirit that the scripture tells “He will lead you to ALL truth.” I didn’t realize at the time that I was technically prophesying a piece of the future (by God guiding what came out of my lips) but that’s exactly how this happened.

Later in 2014 when I was being trained and equipped (through God’s direction) in what I’ll describe as a newly drafted soldier in “spiritual boot camp”, I was keeping a close eye on things back then, with a bit of a “watchman’s” call at that time.

So much was happening, I felt compelled to fast and pray and I asked the Father a single question, about the things in the future and “what would have the biggest impact in my lifetime and in bible prophecy unfolding ahead?”

Several days later that question was answered, and the Father powerfully answered it, with “Sword judgment and WW-3” in essence. (I subsequently shared a testimony of that publicly in 2015, one year after this occurred, on a day when He strongly communicated and instructed me to do so.)

There are 2 other “war” related testimonies I also have, but if I put them here it will be too long! Just look at NATO and the divided states of America continuously and foolishly poking the Russian bear as well, plus everything in Israel/Gaza and the middle east. We’ve been in WW-3 for a while, but full combustion hasn’t occurred, yet.

So here we are years later and why am I sharing this? Well, it’s certainly not to scare or purvey doom! I’m pretty excited actually (Not at the idea of world wide war!!) because I know Jesus is real (and He’s also the One and only way to The Father and Heaven.) and He’s coming back soon!

How do I know this? Because of His word and discerning the times, & because of everything He’s done in my life and due to a powerful personal encounter I had with Him in early 2013, when He came into my home and gave me a “spiritual heart transplant.” (I call it my Ezekiel 36:26 testimony, and I’ve shared it a few times or places since then.)

That transplant changed my past hurts, rejection and my desires of the flesh, all in one mind-bending love encounter and visitation. He IS the “Great Physician” after all, the One who leaves the 99 to go after 1 of His lost or broken sheep (of which I was one a while back, and that was my day!) After that visitation, I have never been the same and I KNOW how much God loves all of His children.

His judgments are increasing upon the earth, so He can get repentance and the attention of those who are rejecting Him or who are stuck in strongholds or sin. (See Isaiah 26:9) All He requires of us is repentance and to submit to and rely on Him and believe! When and if that moment happens, our sins are washed into the “sea of forgetfulness.”

God’s inspired Word (the bible) is unfolding in our lives, it’s throughout the bible which is roughly 1/3 prophecy!

So, back to the reason I shared this, just to give God glory and to share the huge China heads up.. It’s time for all of us to seek God diligently like never before. Spiritual preparation should be priority #1; after that practical and prayerful earthly preparedness should be through wisdom, common sense, and His leading.

Even though WW-3 is a huge and scary subject, I’m trying to keep my eyes and my heart focused on heavenly things and on Him. (Colossians 3:1-3) It’s not an easy thing to always pull off, with responsibilities, challenges, and many distractions that the world throws at us.

The bigger war is the spiritual battle that (sadly) many don’t realize they’re in. There’s a thief/adversary who’s mission is to try to “steal/kill or destroy” ALL of us, eternally.
(See John 10:10)

The good thing is there’s a Savior, who’s already defeated this foe! If we come to the saving knowledge and revelation of who Jesus is; then we can appropriate spiritual power and authority in His name and by the blood He shed for remission of our sins!
The enemy will no longer have power to subdue us in sin, or spirits of fear, death or anything else; for the King of Glory with an iron rod is returning to the earth to clean things up in the short years ahead!

Everything is coming down to a choice, Jesus and eternal life, or friendship with the world- which leads to eternal separation from the Father who created us and loves us all so much.

His word says He doesn’t want to lose anyone; but He’s not going to force anyone in receiving His love; sadly, many are just in outright rejection and rebellion to Him. We have free will! However, most are blinded to the truth, or caught in error or deceptions that are dressed up as light or sound good, but ultimately are snares setup to entrap us!

Just look at the last 4 years and what humanity has seen happen. Millions have died from bio-weapons and snake venom packaged as the cure, others have had their health and lives ruined. Excess death statistics are off the charts, turbo-cancers, myocarditis and other horrible things are happening and mainstream media and govt. systems are still lying to and targeting mankind! Sadly, more “plagues” are coming up ahead, more restrictions on our travel, freedom, and the main goal is to keep people in fear and bondage.

The world system has been openly advertising a “great reset”, the systems of this world in the anti-Christ spirit and the spirit of the age, is seeking to cull the planet and implement their new world (trans-human) order.

They are promoting one world systems including banking and a religion that will be a great deception. (Rome has a lot to do with this!) In addition, “intelligent technology is in operation and integrating with control systems that if you come into agreement with, you will be forever snared. (All of these things are in the bible, and I’m referring to the mark of the beast, spoken of in Revelation, chapter 13.)

In fact, God Himself said that a great delusion is coming soon for those who don’t or won’t believe. MUCH deception has already come or already holds many of God’s people in bondage (including some believers), but His word says regarding the “great delusion” ahead, that it would deceive the very elect if possible.

Tougher times are coming, now is the time to ask for God’s help in making or getting you ready to fulfill what He has created you for; and to have the “blessed hope” instead of fear. Only in gross or thick darkness, can the light and love of God in and through His people, shine even more brightly as vessels of love and compassion! (See Isaiah 61:1-3)

I’m going to say (or type!) a quick prayer, knowing this could get forwarded to someone who’s on the fence, or not sure? Here is advice for UN-believers or anyone that is skeptical or doesn’t know if God is real. Just get alone for a second, and say or pray something like this if you feel led:

“Jesus- IF you are real and I’ve been wrong or blinded so far, I would want to know or learn the truth before it’s too late. If you’re real, please show me or visit me in a dream, vision or encounter. Show or prove to me that you’re real, and I’ll repent of my sins and follow you and make you Lord of my life! (Or something like this in your words, just MEAN IT or don’t do it if you won’t back it up later when He proves Himself faithful!)

Then, just patiently wait and see…When He shows up somehow or some way to answer your petition or prayer- live up to the promise you make and your eternity in heaven will be secured!

To the remnant, the body of Christ and God’s people. Now is the time to sound our own trumpets. Time is short. Every believer should only fear the Lord God in reverential awe. Take everything to Him, and pray for wisdom on what to do or not do.

Those who love the King of Glory, know that IF they abide (Trust!) under the Shadow of His mighty Wings, there is nothing to fear. (Read all of Psalm 91)

Many know that we will be here for significantly challenging times; but we also have the “blessed hope” of being caught up with the Lord Jesus Christ in the air at some point! (don’t argue brothers and sisters about when- just try to get and stay READY!)

Our job is testify and witness the gospel while there’s still daylight, and endure to the end and overcome. We can’t do it on our own, but with God (Jesus/Y’shua) ALL things are possible and He will protect His sheep and has removed the sting of death, for those who believe!

Repent- the Kingdom of God is at hand! (And believe in the gospel!)

Blessings to all and remember this, love wins!

T. Andrew Farley /Indianapolis, IN May 26, 2024

I give witness that Jesus/Y’shua came in the flesh, the Only Begotten Son of the Father, sent as a love sacrifice to make the atonement for the wages of sin, which is death. He did this by willingly allowing Himself to be crucified, shedding His blood in death, and three days later He resurrected to the Right Hand of the Father. He IS, coming soon!

Several important Scriptures (coinciding with) that are more important than what I typed above:

John 3:16-17

The Gospel (as witnessed and testified by the Apostle Paul plus multiple witnesses recorded who witnessed the resurrection of Jesus):

Believe and confess with your lips to be saved:

Mark 1:15

Isaiah 55:7

John 10: 27-28 link:

Joel 2:32 link:

1 Corinthians 15:55-57

Psalm 91:

Ezekiel 3: 16-21

And finally, if or as you are led- here are some other/earlier relevant words to the big picture shared here:

A 2016 prophetic witness and recent confirmation of how soon the actual return of Christ is:

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War poem from the King of Glory and inspired by the Holy Spirit, for the Army of God:

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