Child Sacrifice – Cassandra

Child Sacrifice

‎12/‎6/‎2019 1:00 PM

I received a brief vision in the night of 11/29/16. There were two pictures side by side. On the left was a santa with two kids on his lap. On the right was Moloch, with people sacrificing their children to him. I was given an understanding that both are child sacrifice.

Before I knew better, I participated in Christmas and other pagan holidays. I have repented for exposing my child to that evil, and come out of the traditions of man. You can repent and turn from the pagan holidays too. I pray you do.


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  1. Amen…….I also, was delivered of Christmas in the late 90’s. Christmas and Easter especially. are not from the Bible. The Catholic’s developed Christmas and Easter………There is a wonderful freedom not being bound by these pagan day observances………

  2. Angel Rosas

    I appreciate you sharing. Please continue the work. Thanks!

  3. Charlene

    Is it not strange that many kids do not want to sit on Santa’s lap? I believe their spirits can sense it is not right! I know I did not like it as kid, nor did my children, and now my grandson does not like it either. Thankfully our son does not teach him about Santa. On the other hand, our grandson’s mother wants to tell him about Santa. Please understand she is a great mother to our grandson and I do not condemn her at all. Our family loves her so much ! My prayer is that she see the truth as well as many others that are being deceived. I started to wake up when we won a coke cola Santa whose face looked evil to me.

  4. Dana

    Way back in the day, Dad used to play Santa for the Ft. Knox schools. He worked at Ft. Knox as a civil servant and was the right size to play Santa. He enjoyed it.

    Myself, I remember enjoying seeing ‘Santa’ during the Christmas season.

    I think little ones are afraid of him because he is a stranger.

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