Vision #400 – Sharlene Reimer

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Vision #400

Apr 22/23 Passover 14 Nisan  The Servant Heart Footwashing In Passover/Blessing First Nations/Garden in Heaven/The antichrist In The Knesset

April 29, 2024 12:25 PM
Sharlene Reimer

Hello Everyone! Happy Pesach! Let’s continue to intercede for Israel!

I am beginning the process of posting my visions again. There are a couple of songs that spoke to my heart during my healing time and one is by Joshua Aaron “Safely In His Arms.” I cried every time I played it; such a tender way to release some of my pain. I believe I was so deeply touched by it because my mother sang lullabies to me when I was a little one and now when I hear it, it’s like I hear Jesus singing it over me. I pray it will bless you too.

I began worshiping the Lord Jesus in the Throne Room to Sacrifice Lamb By Joshua Aaron, Hoshiana by Joshua Aaron, As The Deer Pants by Upperroom Yahweh Will Manifest Himself by Jasmin Faith
I began to pray for salvation for the countries of the world, that God would manifest Himself in a powerful way. I spent time praying for  Israel and other issues. I prayed in tongues and in the natural. I found myself by the familiar stream.

VISION: I noticed the trees by the stream have grown. I walked up to one that was close to the stream and saw that its branches shaded a bench. Jesus was sitting on the bench waiting for me. I sat down beside Him on His right. He thanked me for studying Passover as I have been feeling in my spirit to understand and observe it. Ex 12. It’s not something I grew up with but as a Gentile, I’m grafted in and so I will pursue this. I saw myself beginning to wash the Feet of Jesus! Oh my! I cried as I saw the scar from the nail…I understood it is part of the Passover as Jesus demonstrated it at the last supper John 13:1-17. The servant heart is the lesson Jesus was teaching. My perspective changed and I was looking at the area with a row of trees and greenery that grew in front of the stream. I saw the white horse walk up to the tree that shaded the bench. I saw myself walk out from under the tree dressed in gold armour. I have received an upgrade. (this is the upgrade Jesus gave me about a month ago.) I got onto the horse and rode over the terrain which was different. I came to a cliff edge. I got off the horse and stood observing a beautiful valley before me. A clear river ran through it.  The cliff was not steep and the valley not that far below but my horse was not to go with me. I would have to climb down on foot. There was a mountain on the other side of the valley with a hill covered with evergreens before it. I navigated my way down and found myself walking through the river which was shallow. I stood on the other side of the river closer to the hill and mountain. It was a breathtaking view. I tried to see where the river flowed but it seemed to disappear between the mountains.  I heard a familiar sound as my eagle arrived and landed by me. I got on and began to proclaim Ps 91.

VISION: I followed the river in the valley with the eagle. I noticed First Nations peoples dressed in buckskin and leather garments entering a couple of wooden canoes and began to paddle. I was too far away to tell what type of wood they were made of.  The river was deeper and wider in this area. I also noticed a large teepee/tipi erected not far from the shore. Some mothers with their babies wrapped in something and attached to them were tending to a fire close by.

Interpretation: The scene reminded me of the First Nations people as they could have lived maybe one hundred and fifty years ago or more. Comparing this simple scene to the present, much changed with the European settlers’ arrival. We can’t change the past but Jesus can change our own hearts so we can love as He loves; seeing others through His eyes. In Christ we can honour the First Nations people, pray for them and bless them.

VISION: I returned to the white bench area but I found myself outside the temple in the garden. Jesus was by a fruit tree of some kind. I saw Him pick a yellow roundish shaped fruit and bite into it. He thought it tasted good as He smiled. ( I can’t imagine anything in heaven tasting bad. Just saying…) His enjoyment in the fresh fruit reminded me of the verse Ps 34:8 “Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who puts their trust in Him.” I looked to my left and saw a cluster of grapes growing on a vine. I looked further past it and noticed a long row of grape vines. How interesting. I asked Jesus, Do you make wine in heaven? And He replied, “On earth as it is in heaven.” The cluster of grapes reminded me of a song I sang at summer bible camps as a kid that Amy Grant composed- Grape, Grape Joy: si=gxBeK5CgXjTgPiz2 part of the song;”Are you a small and lonely grape, clutching to the vine waiting for the day you’ll become your Saviour’s wine, don’t give up hope you heavy ladened you don’t want to be a raisin cause there’s grape grape joy in Jesus in the vineyard of the Lord.” I’m brought back to scripture John 15:1-8.

I walked up the 3 tiers of stone steps from the garden that entered the side of the temple. I have had previous vision regarding the garden and the steps. This was familiar and I walked down a corridor and found myself at the large staircase. I walked down the stairs but noticed there were no greeters there this time. Instead, Jesus stood at the bottom left and offered His arm when I got to the bottom. We walked past the area where others gather to view a vision and went down a hallway and stopped at the entrance to the room which I call the Council of God. I walked through the high arched doorway. I noticed there were beings standing having a discussion. I didn’t hear what they said. To their left was someone sitting writing the decisions made from this discussion. I understood it was a record. Someone walked towards me and handed me a note. I couldn’t tell if it was an angel or saint. I watched me looking at the note but I couldn’t read it. I asked if the note was regarding a future assignment? And I heard, “Yes, daughter. It is not for now but the future.”

VISION: I walked back to the vision area and joined the others that had already gathered between two tall pillars and across the temple floor from the stairs.I looked up at the screen. The vision opened up to see the Knesset in Jerusalem. Above the Knesset a huge dark dragon was flying back and forth. My perspective changed and I was now inside at a birds eye view from the back. I was looking at PM Netanyahu speaking into a mic, turning his attention to someone on his right while he was addressing those that were there. I understood he was introducing someone important. The man approached. He was taller than the PM, well dressed but I couldn’t see his face. The PM shoke the man’s hand with a very happy, almost hopeful welcome!

INTERPRETATION: The man whose face I can’t see is the antichrist. In all my previous visions of the ac, Jesus has never revealed his identity to me. I believe this is because it’s not time to know that yet and to protect me.  I understood the serpent flying back and forth above the Knesset is satan. satan has not yet entered the man who will become the antichrist yet but I understand it will be very soon. (Just as satan entered Judas in Luke 22:3, so he will do the same with the man who will become the ac).
It’s interesting that they would give this man such an introduction to the Jewish/Israeli government. I noticed the PM’s face was quite genuinely accepting when he shook the hand of the unidentified man. Jesus reminded me of 1 Kings 10:14 and 2 Chron 9:13 that recounts the  666 talents of gold or 22 tons that king Solomon received annually. We know that #666 is the number of the beast. Interestingly, in the book “The Divinity Code” by Thompson and Beale, that explains that numbers can have meaning for example, the #10 can represent: complete, completion of order or cycle, full. #13 Represents rebellion, sin, apostasy, defection, corruption and backsliding. Solomon took 13 years to build his own house compared to 7years to build God’s house. #9 can represent: finality and judgment, end or conclusion, fruitfulness, number of the Holy Spirit (the Fruitful One) and Not giving glory to God. I’m seeing a dark theme here.  We know that the enemy is a copy cat and history repeats itself. I’m wondering if it’s possible this man who is to become the ac becomes familiar to the Jews and is accepted because he is like a Solomon? He’s very wealthy, has powerful political influence and maybe a Jew? Interesting thought. What a way to stick a knife in God’s soft spot and twist it. Just like satan to do that. Very interesting indeed!

It is possible when the ac is introduced to the Knesset, many will consider him the promised Messiah that will save them politically and spiritually. He will be accepted with open arms. But when he turns on them as it is prophesied in Dan 7, Matt 24 and Rev 13, they will realize they have been deceived and Jacob’s trouble will begin. Jesus said, “So when you see the abomination that causes desolation spoken about through the prophet Daniel standing in the Holy Place…that will be the time for those in Judeah to escape to the hills…For there will be trouble worse than there ever has been from the beginning of the world until now and there will be nothing like it again!” Matt 24:15-21.

MESSAGE: Jesus, how would you like us to pray? I understand that we should continue to intercede for PM Netanyahu for his safety, encouragement and wisdom. There is always an assignment at work that wants to remove him; undermine his authority; make him look bad in the eyes of the government and Israelis and create division.. Pray that the PM won’t be deceived. I did have previous visions regarding PM Netanyahu discovering they had been deceived after the man who becomes the ac turns on them. #11,#39,#230,#309

My perspective from the back of the Knesset

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