Chaos is on the horizon – Tracy Lee King

Chaos is on the horizon

July 11, 2022 12:08 PM
Tracy Lee King

WORD received July 9, 2022, 3:40am

“Arise. Shine forth. Mine hour has come. The day is far spent. How I have waited to hear your sorrow (I understood “for your sins”). Faithless generation. What will you do without Me? For there will be a famine of my Word in the land. Soon. I will no longer tarry. I Am here. At the door. Come to Me now children. I hold out my hand. There is no time to waste. The enemy awaits his moment in the spotlight and he will get it. There is no stopping prophecy and it will come to pass. Arise to my light chosen ones. Awaken to a new day as bright as the morning sun. Dawn breaks and here I Am. Give over your earthly desires now, for they weigh you down to eternity in hell. I cannot accept unholy things in my Father’s house. He is Holy as I Am Holy. By my Blood, you are made Holy. Accept it now or perish in fire. Why do you delay? I have called and you do not answer. Please come home to Me children. Hear my call. Answer. Listen. Be with Me for I love you. Evil comes over the mountain. Can’t you see it rising out of ashes? Chaos is on the horizon. The morning brings destruction. My wrath. For My anger at this faithless generation will be fulfilled. No mercy for the wicked. They have their reward. My servants speak but do you listen? Do you hear? Follow My Light to safety for I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Light to eternity in my Father’s Kingdom. I Am Love. Without Me you are barren. A wasteland. Come now. A mighty wind approaches, one that will not cease until all is completed. Death and destruction. Tempestuous winds of death and destruction. Find my shelter. Call on Me now. Now. Now. Now. In humility, hide yourself in Me. I am shelter from the storm. Come! Hurry! Your King Jesus”

Scriptural Confirmation:

Old Testament

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New Testament

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Please study these scriptures and consult the Holy Spirit regarding how this message relates to you.

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