Can’t you hear ME calling – Anonymous

Can’t you hear ME calling

Jul 18, 2019, 10:43 AM

I have something from Jesus Christ that may benefit someone. It is a poem I received April 14 2018

Can’t you hear ME calling
Can’t you hear ME calling
The weight of this world is no
I took your blame
I took your shame
All you need to do now is hear ME
Eternal life is left to gain
Do you see the light now
Do you see it now
I AM here
Just look and you will find ME
Don’t listen to what they say
I love you anyway
Just lean on ME
And I will show you the way
All the scars are MINE now
They always have been
It just took you so long to see
But I AM here
I have always been here
Waiting patiently
Fall into MY arms
I will catch you
MY promises nor I
Will ever fail you
I love you
MY beloved


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