CandyLand – Ruth Johnson


Nov 21, 2019, 6:17 PM
Ruth Johnson
Your power comes from Me
If only you would see
With your hearts and not your eyes!
Satan is not visible
But he is the candyman,
Passing out the goodies
As quickly as he can
Making men addicted
Using fancy stuff
Stocking it in stores
You can never get enough!
All that sweet eye candy
All that cool stuff,
Is what you see and long for
But it is only fluff
Masking the eyes
Of the one at the register
Dishing out your change,
Appearing a little strange.
He is actually a digester
Of all human pain
Not to mention blood.
Luring you with candy, cars,
Computers, carnal company,
Drinks, danger, drugs,
Anything is better than
A life full of drudgery
On the hamster wheel,
Powering the grid,
Locked in chains,
Not knowing what you did.
Don’t look now but you’re doing it again!
Grab that candy,
Pay with your soul!
You won’t need change
When you’re down in the hole!
The fire consumes
All but your soul
And there is no interest paid
Down in the hole,
You can bank on that!
The cash machine
Will bite your hand
As it swallows your card,
EBT? Not gonna work,
Neither is that cash earned hard!
Looting and rioting
Will soon ensue,
Satan will rove about
Collecting his due.
His people will pillage,
Murder and rape
All of those who do not escape.
War will arrive from the north
Exactly as I have told you
Daniel knew, you can too,
If you read his book.
Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Joel,
All of them wrote to tell you!
Enoch, Noah, Moses, Abel,
All brought nourishment
To the table.
Did you bother to partake?
Or will you stand outside the Gate?
A Feast is on the schedule,
A Feast like no other,
The Wedding Feast for My Son,
Following the demise
Of the evil ones.
His Bride will attend
It will not be the end
But just the beginning of Blessings,
His mansions so fine
Will far outshine
The greatest of man’s window Dressings.
The attendees all will aim to please
The Bridegroom and His Bride,
And thank their Father heartily
For being an invitee
Of this spectacular party!
To kick off the new age
The thousand years of peace
With Satan off the stage!
Boo to you, oh prince of darkness,
Boo to you and your’s
Boo to you so black and scary
Boo to you right back.
I am a child of Light
Of which darkness must flee.
Do not ever mess
With My Father and me!
I have on my armor,
Given me by Him,
I am going to cling to Him
Just like a second skin,
For I am certain, as He says,
That is the only way to win.
For I am weak but He is strong
I will keep my eyes on him
All day long, and in the night.
Pass the cars, the bars, the stores,
Praying for all behind the doors,
With a whole heart
Brimming with Love
Supplied by the One
Dwelling Above.
O, but He can see,
See the lost souls, the roiling sea,
Folks of all nations, peoples and tongues,
Tossed on the waves of a world coming undone.
Repent! My people!
Repent right now!
Repent or reap
What you have sown!
Repent! My people!
Repent right now!
The scythe is at the wheat!
Repent! You people!
Repent right now!
Sorry should you be!
To side with the evil one
That split the Family Tree!
You all have a choice,
Yes you do,
Me, or a sugarcoated travesty.
Your Father in Heaven


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