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Bull market will crash and not recover – Jfkree Freedom


Bull market will crash and not recover

March 1, 2022 7:55 AM
Jfkree Freedom


Dream from night of Feb 25, 2022

Dreamt of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. Each player had a jersey on, and the logos were in 3D, and the logos were moving almost, demonic looking creatures with long pointy ears, and the face of each demonic logo was Michael Jordan.
Meaning of major items in dream:
Michael – who is like God? (Hebrew)
Jordan – to go down (Hebrew)
Chicago – onions or skunk (Native American)
Bull – Could represent the current stock market
Basketball game – Could represent the “game” of playing the stock market

Possible interpretation: Who is like God? (He does as He pleases. He judges righteously.) The bull market stinks (has rotted out) and will go down (without turning back into a bull market ever again). Multiple players could represent multiple markets/stock exchanges. Game over.

I also dreamt I saw Putin’s face and he was smiling. Russia just launched a full-scale invasion on Ukraine.

February 2022 (first half, sorry no specific date)

During the night in a dream I heard a voice say, “It all goes back to H13N1.”
H13N1 is a variation of the bird flu that can be transferred to humans. There is also a zombie movie with the same name about people infected with a virus that comes from birds and causes them to act like zombies once infected. Take the info to the Lord in prayer.


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