Breaker – Breaker! – Anonymous

Breaker – Breaker! – Anonymous

6-22-18 11am

Water is Breaking!

(Rev 12:2, Acts 2:2-3, Micah 2:13)

“How much do you truly desire ME? Do you desire to just hear from My Messengers or do you really want to live with ME as part of YOU? That which you require for the battle ahead cannot be received by simply reading about it.

You must as MY body contend against the darkness for this to occur.”

CONTEND for it.

Definition of contend

contended; contending; contends

1 : to strive or vie in contest or rivalry or against difficulties : struggle

  • contended with the problems of municipal government
  • will contend for the championship this year
2 : to strive in debate : argue
1 : maintain, assert

  • contended that he was right
  • contends that the new law would help only the wealthy
2 : to struggle for : contest

“Purify your vessels and prepare for that which requires ALL of who you are. I will consume your thoughts, actions and the very WORDS you speak. Just as the Father and I are one – to receive The Breaker means relinquishing WHO you were to become WHO I AM now.

Release your flesh to receive The Power of The Spirit: The Holy Spirit Outpouring.”

Prayer of The Saints to Contend:

I Release my flesh to you Yahushua….

Abba Father Yahuveh! I ask for you to release the BREAKER. Allow The Water of YOUR Spirit to BREAK OUT and Fall upon us. Let it become active among the Body you have placed according to YOUR WILL across the nations.

Let us MOVE, SPEAK and TOUCH those according to your plans. Let nothing hinder that which you have purposed for SUCH a Time As This! We your SERVANTS contend together that you would ALLOW the power to flow that has been long-awaited.

We long not to just be in your presence, but as your vessels, to NOW FILL the world with the MIRACLES that will lead the lost, hurting, downcast, widowed and orphaned out of darkness AND INTO your ENCOMPASSING LIGHT.

Please FATHER – Send the BREAKER! We Thank you – Praise YOU and Bless YOUR NAME! In Yahushua’s Name WE PRAY as ONE BODY.

Amen. Amen & Amen.

(Rev 12:2, Acts 2:2-3, Micah 2:13)

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