BRAVE – Ruth Johnson



JANUARY 11, 2022 10:37 PM
Ruth Johnson


I want to be
I long to see
I will get up
I will stand
I will step up
I will be there
When it is time
That it is right
It is now
No other.
O take my hand
Ease my mind
Let me know
I will find
The fight in me
When I need
To be
For You, my God,
With you, my Lord
I cannot afford
To fear and quake
When You shake
This earth.
From my small birth
To my full height
I have known
It is a fight
To stay on track
To fill my lack
With Your Word
It is my sword.
There was a time
I was lax
You let me fall
Through the cracks
See the dark
Down below
I hung my head
Down so low
Afraid to reach
Look up to You
I did not know
What You may do
To Your small child
So lost and blue
All shame and flaws
Showing through
For all to see
Sinful me
And laugh and scoff
At all I was
A clown, a fool,
A filthy dross.
But that brought forth
The steel in me
The strength to pray
And walk away
Turn my back
On cruelty
And throw my lot
In with Thee.
What could I lose
How would I know
If I did not give
You a chance
To show me Who
You really are
An unseen God
A distant star
Or something else
I could not find?
I’d lose my heart
I’d lose my mind.
But You found me
You came to where
I lay in dirt
In deep despair
And You said, child
I AM here
Get up right now
Do not fear
I need you for
This time you’re in
It is now
You must begin
To see the way
You must go
Because, My child,
I Know you know
Why you are here
Do not fear
You will get up
You will stand
You will step out
Into My Plan
I AM with you
I Will not leave
You are one
I came to save
You are Mine
And yes,
You are
For you see
You speak with Me
And I AM Fierce
But you treat Me
As a Friend,
A Father Dear,
Do not pretend
You are not


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