Dream, End Times



Part 2

January 15, 2021 2:00 PM
Amanda White

If you havent seen Part 1 you can read it here https://444prophecynews.com/brace-yourself-be-prepared-amanda-white/

Dream | 9.25.20 @ 2:04 A.M.

The dream takes place in our house, as the militia wave was going door to door. In this specific dream, the story line played out as if I wasn’t able to leave the house before militia got to my door. The food that wasn’t hidden was taken to a food collection bank. We didn’t heed God’s warning in time to leave safely before this military was deployed.

There were guards in the streets that would be our new “neighborhood watch” moving forward to control us. They took our keys, weapons, medications, money, electronics and all other items of value to control the people further. Evacuations took place after an allotted amount of time to go to each home within a section of a county in each state.

They were like storm troopers, and brought everyone out of their homes in a particular section and we were all herded like cattle to different stations. It looked like these stations used to be department stores, like a Walmart, that were stripped down yet still had shelving. In these stations were items from our houses that were deemed allowed by the militia for us to take with us. I remember thinking I would no longer have access to things I prepared for during this time. I remember crying and telling random strangers this information, and went into detail about my hidden stock of supplies. I felt so stupid for not heeding God, and looked for my belongings. I found the four go-bags and a couple items the militia had saran-wrapped with my and my husband’s identification pictures on top. I was relieved and sad at the same time that I found the items, yet it was all I had left.

My husband and kids were taken to another zone, so I tried carrying all four heavy bags myself but could not. I reached out for help to others there in the zone with me, but their hands were full with their own items. Militia came up to me and started yelling at me to move along, as I was staying in one spot for a long duration. We were being moved to areas that were like holding camps. I realized I had to leave everything I knew up to this point behind, and was told to get over it and get used to it by militia forces. They said “This is the new normal.” When I woke up, I heard the Lord say “What Happens Next- Part 2”.


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