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Bowels of earth broken up – Caroline Diadem

Bowels of earth broken up

Aug 17, 2019
Caroline Diadem

This a word given to me by God on July 25th 2019.

Auto Transcript:

25th of july 2019 I received this

so why praying this
morning I first heard Appalachian
Mountains and then I heard the Madrid
fault and I heard San Andreas Fault then
as I continued to pray I was feeling the
anointing I was feeling it especially in
my hands then I felt God’s anger and it
was like the depths of God’s anger was
strong and very powerful and it was like
I could feel God in the depths of the
and I felt like in the bowels of the
earth is the way I felt it and I felt
the Lord of saying that he was showing
me he was going to tear up the depths of
the earth that he was going to tear up
the bowels of the earth and I saw that
he was going to release magma magma
chambers like he did in Hawaii
yes his anger was very explosive and
very powerful very enraged I sense the
Satanism and the witchcraft and his
anger at that and I also sensed the
blood of the innocents pouring into the
earth I just felt it just for a split
second just a flash of it I sinned
sensed his mercy was great and so his
anger is also going to be great as I
write this I feel he is showing me so
this was kind of an addition my mercy
was extended is extended to provide time
for repentance for these terrible
trustees not that these sins shall not
be repaid fit for you have not yet
experienced a terror of the Lord but if
you do not repent you will you are
heading for an avalanche of destruction
everyone responsible and guilty and
having any participation of all these
evil atrocities shall disappear quickly
into the pit none shall escape my mercy
was extended over a long period for I am
a gracious and merciful God forgiving
the sins of those who repent sorry and
showing mercy to generations of those
who turn to me and obey my Commandments
but my judgment shall no shall be shall
not be so for they shall be Swift and
shall come in Swift succession one on
top of another my judgement shall bring
terror to this world and strip peace
from every corner until the false peace
shall come along and those who did not
repent shall then deceive themselves and
take the mark of the beast because they
refused to believe that I am and will
not repent of their immoral deeds and so
their eternal faith shall be sealed the
sands of time are running out for your
earth I am the only safe haven turned to
me and be delivered remove yourselves
from the evil place that are about to be
unleashed in the earth the blue plague
shall come it shall remove many people
from the earth now I don’t know what
that is so I’m just telling you what the
Lord spoke to me did I not say I will
send the plagues of Egypt to those who
do not obey my words my addicts and my
laws and my laws announced in my word
all peoples of the earth but you have no
more respect unto my words
Oh faithless ones must you be destroyed
listen to my servants the prophets and
take heed to their warnings my judgments
will increase in intensity until you
cannot bear my judgments till you
utterly despair and cry out to me with
all desperation I love you my people
return before my judgments touch your
flesh as leprosy remember my servant
Miriam return to my word return to my
fear my beloved I call out to you return
my love return

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