Boogy Man – Ruth Johnson

Boogy Man

Nov 15, 2019, 12:54 PM
Song by Ruth Johnson


Boogy man, boogy man,
Oh, we all hate the boogy man,
He lives in our closet!
We all know it, but if we show it,
We are all deemed crazy!
Boogy man, boogy man,
We lay in the darkness,
He stands in there,
With our shoes,
Door cracked open,
Peek a boos!
A door we know we shut!
Because we know he’s in there!
Mom! Dad!
We scream in fright
Fighting off
The terrors of the night!
Mom! Dad!
They turn on the light,
Then look in the closet!
Say there’s nothing in there!
Leave the door open to show you,
Then turn off the light and go!
(boogy boogy boogy boogy)
Sometimes he’s under the bed!
You know it,
But you don’t show it,
Or you’d be out of your head!
You jump to your bed
From the door instead,
For he’ll grab your toes,
Your heart would froze,
And you would end up dead!
Mom! Dad!
The boogy man!
The boogy man’s under my bed!
No he’s not, you’re crazy,
You must be out of your head!
Mom! Dad!
I know he’s there!
Oh, you silly, love you so!
Now trundle off to bed!
(boogy boogy boogy boogy)
O, Lord, the boogy man!
What am I going to do?
O, Lord, the boogy man,
I am asking You!
This guy is good at the bad he do!
What am I going to do!?
He’s everywhere, like savoir faire,
Only he’s a bad can’t-see-’em!
But boy, you know he’s there!
O, child, you are not insane,
The boogy man knows
Everybody’s name.
He watches and waits
Everywhere he can,
Children know,
Parents understand.
For you see, that boogy man
Lived with their shoes, too.
Under their bed, in their head,
They were children, too!
The Only thing I can say to you,
My angels are watching
Everything he do.
They can see him,
I sent them to you,
And they watch over
Your parents too!
Goodnight, I LOVE YOU.


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