Blessed are these who take refuge and flee unto my places of safety – Patti Young

Blessed are these who take refuge and flee unto my places of safety

March 7, 2020 3:25 PM
Patti Young

For the last three days I have felt the presence of the Lord continually. This is after coming through a dry hard place, where I felt I could hardly hear him for a couple of weeks, which was very hard, because I was so thirsty for his Living water to feed me. Today in the car he gave me more words and then I sensed a cloud in the car, and I said to the Lord oh my goodness that’s why I hear you so clearly these last few days it’s your presence, there’s a cloud, I sense it, I see it and I feel it, your cloud of your presence is settled over me, over us, over your people. Most times I feel that there is dense thick darkness in the land so thick and dense you could almost cut it with a knife and this is where the enemy taunts and teases and with his lies he is continual threatening the mind, trying to extinguish the light and destroy your faith, so you can’t continue on and finish the race. This is the same God of yesterday and today and tomorrow, the same God whose presence was with Israel as he brought them through the desert to the promised land, a cloud by day and a fire by night. This is the same God that will lead his people and protect them and cover them… amazing God that he is, and he has never changed and he is forever faithfulā¤šŸ”„šŸ™Œ

The house of the Lord, the House of David, the
house of Jacob, this is your covering, for where I AM, you are there also. Blessed are the people who flee into these mine own, camps of the righteous. Blessed are these who take refuge and flee unto my places of safety. For havel not drawn my church away from the harlot and the ways of her doings and her mind set? Have I not called unto the nations to repent of their evil ways? These are the things I the Lord God of Israel have done, my city my refuge no man can condone.

Men will fear me and fear these that my hand of righteousness has fallen upon, for these are my hidden ones, the ones of my Army, the ones not yet revealed. Search these I would say into mine enemy, search these and see if thou canst have thine own way unto destruction and to destroy. Ha, I laugh in the face of my enemies and those who rebelled against these my own.

Warfare is great, the stench of death is nigh, the bedlam in the earth will surface and be visible for all to see. Pitch my tent in the land of the House of Jacob and Israel and worship the one and only true God for I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life, and I AM no respecter of persons. Shelter is only found in the Highest and those I have called and chosen unto mel alone shal sustain. Comfort oh Zion, comfort I say unto mine own, peace unto my beloved. All things will soon disappear, as it is written all things shall become a new.

The wicked I will remove by my brightness and my glory, now in a realm that isnt seen unto man, but shall become manifest in the unseen. These I have lifted up high and have given them my name, these know my voice, for I AM the one true God, I AM the Shepherd, I AM Shepherd of man. I AM their comfort, I AM their peace, I AM their strength unto the weary. Apart from me man can do nothing, for I alone shall sustain thee and keep thee. Come unto me all ye that labor and are weary and I will give you rest and comfort, for I Am The keeper of the fold and I have reserved a place in Zion, a shelter from the on coming storm.


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