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Bless and Do Not Curse Part 1 – Glynda Lomax

Bless and Do Not Curse – Part 01

Jan 16, 2020
Glynda Lomax

We know there are numerous verses in the Bible that tell us to bless and not curse others, regardless of how they treat us. But do we really understand what that means? Do we really understand the power in our tongues?

This is Part 01 of a series – I am not sure how many episodes it will end up being, but the Lord has shown me that MANY OF HIS CHILDREN need to address this issue right now. (including me!)

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  1. My current usage of blessing and cursing;…….I say God bless you when people sneeze, or when I want to wish them well……..the only time I curse is on twitter, when I see something in regards to abortion, either pictures of abortion or Pro or Con arguments about abortion….I basically tweet the same words every time, based on the Deuteronomy passage of Chapter 28, I say: May the curse of God be upon Planned Parenthood from Houston to Washington D. C. From Boston to L.A. From Seattle to Miami

  2. Franklin Revels

    Curse, Hell. Sad but true any thing of sin is Curse. We all are Cursed unless the Redeemer Jesus Removes the Curse=Sin by His Blood. Having removed the Curse from me makes me a Child of God. Words we say or spoke will we all give an account of when we each meet Jesus. Pray for the lost. Bless all. Loving to all as we can. We are the hands of Jesus on this earth and Let’s by God’s Grace be an Blessing to all we meet, even to them who hate or do us harm.
    Jesus is Lord, King, Savior, Friend, and Best of All, Our Hero.

    Recall. Jesus forgave them as they was beating Nails into Him………. Do like wise.

  3. Aguinel Sá

    28. Like a broken city, which has no walls, so is a man who cannot contain his spirit.
    (Proverbs, 25)

    3. He who keeps his mouth preserves his life; but what opens his lips a lot brings ruin.
    (Proverbs, 13)

    7. For all kinds of beasts and birds, reptiles and sea animals, are tamed, and have been tamed by mankind,
    8. but the tongue, no man can tame it. It is an unstoppable evil; it is full of deadly venom.
    9. With it we bless the Lord and Father, and with it we curse men, made in the likeness of God.
    10. From the same mouth comes blessing and cursing. It is not appropriate, my brothers, to do so.
    11. Does the fountain pour fresh water and bitter water from the same opening?
    (Tiago, 3)

  4. Armando Felix

    Amen Brother Frank.!! I concur. Peace of Christ!!!

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