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Warnings for United States Navy – Steel Sharpens Steel

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Warnings for United States Navy

March 24, 2023
Steel Sharpens Steel

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Nine dreams and visions every sailor should read.

1. Russia one day will launch a surprise attack on the United States. After the smoke clears, the Navy is absent.

2. When the Navy is destroyed, command and control centers bombed by rockets from Nicaragua, Cuba, and elsewhere, and great destruction unleashed on the US, China will attack.
China will conscript every male capable of handling a weapon. From about 14 to nearly completely gray-haired, China will put men on ships. Fishing trawlers, private yachts, PLAN vessels, and anything seaworthy for an extended voyage. The dream showed a flotilla that covered the horizon from one side to the other, course set for the States.
Retirees and veterans respond. The dream showed a television crew interviewing American sailors who fought after the attack.
“We found mothball ships, museum pieces, anything with a hull. We outfitted them and stocked them. We trained younger men to operate the old equipment. And we set sail.” The special airs and shows men working together, galvanized as to purpose and unified in time of need. The veterans rose up and built a replacement Navy—and it made a critical difference.

3. Will be war in Vietnam. At least one supply and repair ship will be crewed entirely by women. Part of the reason it works is that they keep the men away.
Marines kick butt and take names. But a beach head is lost when an army unit attacks.
Another attack involves the destruction of a bridge spanning a wide river. The bridge falls to the downriver side. And, in a freak, chance event, the collapsed bridge hits a US submarine and pins it to the riverbed. Men ashore rush to create a plan to rescue the sailors. But no plan emerged before the vision ended.
There will be war in Vietnam, and war in Asia.

4. Weather will continue to defy historical statistics. Great wind will hit ships, capable of stripping away lighter items, not bolted down. Major fixtures like turrets unaffected.

5. Many varieties of seaworthy vessels will be pressed into service of the US Navy. It will be important to know non-military systems of comms, engines, radar, and so on.

6. A dream showed signals intercept operators studying language. Arabic in particular came up in a conversation. In the same room, sailors sat around tables and played strategy games. It seemed all sailors learned and studied strategy. Not just chess. Someone designed and created special games suited to teaching strategical thought.

7. The Navy develops equipment which puts moisture into the air. For some reason, Chinese radar fails when it encounters moisture.
The dream showed an encounter between a Chinese destroyer and an American destroyer. The US ship emerged victorious and evaded a larger pursuit group when it employed the moisture device.

8. There is a possibility—if the right decisions are made—for the emergence of a new technology. Special plates attach to the hulls of ships. These plates reduce water resistance (drag.) Outfitted ships require less fuel and move faster. At a future date, all commercial vessels have these tiles.
Curiously, the tiles do not appear smooth. The ones shown had hexagonal shape and seemed to have nubs or small bubble shapes in a few places. The dream omitted any explanation to there mechanism.

9. A dream showed a Christian man who prayed. He seemed to have the spiritual gift of knowledge. Navy managers presented diverse problems to him. And he found answers that improved the performance of equipment and systems.
One design he improved was the end of the runway on an aircraft carrier. He changed the slope of it. And the very end section sloped down. An officer requested an explanation for this.
“The plane dips when it leaves the deck. The jet stream hits this surface and gives greater push than open air.” The officer seemed to like the answer. He nodded agreement.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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