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BEWARE of September, October & November 2020 – Apostle Charles Turner III

BEWARE of September, October & November 2020

July 3, 2020
Apostle Charles Turner III

Dream recived June 30, 2020

Dream starts @ 03:58 time mark

Auto Generated Transcript

hi everybody I want to come on and give
a dream on posting this on YouTube
because i had a very disturbing dream
and i want to tell people about it
because i believe it is a warning from
god a warning to the body of christ
warning to the world particularly those
dwelling in the united states of america
many of you know that we’re currently
facing a lot of hostility in the country
there’s civil unrest there’s violence
there’s looting there’s rioting there’s
protesting there’s racial issues all of
these circumstances that are going on on
top of that the virus the cd19 issues
people are dying from this virus wearing
the masks not wearing the masks issues
the debates that go on and on and on and
on and then the lack of leadership that
has been demonstrated in this country
from our government from the state
officials from all of the the local
levels even defunding the police it is
insane the country that we’re living in
right now with America but I’m letting
you know I’m praying because this all I
have is just to pray but I want to let
everybody know Monday this Monday which
was June 30th I was disturbed all day I
got up in the morning and I begin to
feel a burden in my spirit like like
never before I was really really
troubled I knew something wasn’t right I
knew something was wrong and when I say
something wrong something forthcoming
that is that it’s going to be
diabolically difficult something very
ugly something dark that has happened I
can feel it in my spirit I wasn’t right
I was really really bothered by it all
Monday all just disturbed Monday about
it Tuesday comes everything is fine we
normally studied to get prepared for
Bible study pastor Marilyn was teaching
Bible study in that day but I was
extremely bothered by this situation I
have to dream on Monday night June 30th
is when I have to dream that that day I
didn’t feel okay and I stayed up I had a
few things to do things to catch up on
some of my studies and I decided I was
go to bed and I in the back of my mind I
said of my heart I wonder if God’s gonna
deal with me in a dream because I can
feel his presence and I can feel an
alarming alarming presence from the Lord
that always feel when something is going
to go wrong something’s going to happen
something deep something disturbing it’s
going to happen and so I went to sleep I
went to sleep about 11 o’clock and I
have to dream and I want to tell
everybody about this dream because I
want you to know what I saw and deeply
disturbed and let me say something to
you too
I had a dream when President Trump was
elected God gave me a vision about
hostility something coming forthcoming
in America and lo and behold when he was
elected hostility happen the whole nine
I also want to let you know that on this
video channel I have another prophecy of
a dream that I had pertaining to the
vaccinations the coven 19 issues the one
world government the elitist the police
issue that is going on I had this dream
on May 5th and I posted this also on
this YouTube channel you’ll see it
momentarily I’m gonna post this video
first and then I’m going to post the
video from May 5th of this year so you
can see that God has been dealing with
me I’m aware that people are posting
videos prophesying things but I don’t
get my information from man I give my
things from God and and I’m very very
reluctant to disclose dreams and things
like that unless I clearly have a
conviction that it’s going to help
someone and I just feel this dream is
going to help someone at least to let
you know it is prayer time we need to
pray we need to stay active but here
here’s the dream and I just want to
discuss this dream with you in the dream
it was it was a dream dealing with
America and I saw three pastors I don’t
know these pastors I could not identify
them I cannot even tell you what their
nationality was but one thing was clear
as these pastors knew each other they
were connected but they weren’t talking
to each other each pastor strangely was
sitting in a chair the chair
very royal it was a royal looking seat
as if a king would be sitting in a type
of chair like this and all three of
these pastors were separated from each
other and they were hiya I’m going to
say probably close to 15 feet above a
normal stature of a man that would maybe
five eight five nine six feet and
what-have-you and they were sitting very
quiet not moving and they each and their
right hand had a torch and each of the
torches had fired just extending from
this in the dream I was there and I was
sitting behind if you could understand
if you’re facing this these three
passengers that were sitting they were
elevated they were not singing on any
floor there was no floor they were
elevated as if to say in the air and
beneath them were masses of people these
pastors were not gigantic but they were
like human beings that were elevated
their chairs were sitting on pure air
for four legs on each chair and beneath
I saw massive amounts of people and it
was it was dark and I can hear noises of
just people moving and clearly I
understood in the dream that there was
pandemonium there was panic there was
turmoil there was chaos and the people
were yelling at each other people were
arguing with each other people will call
any job and mains and it just got so
violent and I leaned behind what they
did three seated passes and I said am i
right these pastors saying anything they
were completely steel looking straight
ahead not looking down at the people
looking straight ahead holding these
torches that would just flashing fire
from each of the torches and I have the
understanding that the these three would
connect it and they were strategically
sitting in three separate areas of the
United States all and they their chairs
were just barely
probably about 15 feet in air or so I
don’t know that I understand what I saw
but all of a sudden when I kept saying
in my heart these these pastures so I
don’t understand whether it’s not saving
thing to the people this chaos down
there and because they didn’t I said in
my heart I need to go get my wife I need
to make sure my wife is okay and right
when I made that decision I heard people
robbing each other they were breaking
into each other’s homes people were
trying to steal things from cars on the
street people were stealing food people
were were absolutely trying to take
things from each other and they were
doing it by force and willing to die for
it and all of a sudden I looked as I
said what is going I grabbed my hand I
said what is going on and all of a set
up above me I heard a loud voice say
blood shed and soon as I heard that
voice immediately people were shooting
each other they were carrying guns in
the street there was no police anywhere
to police this issue or to bring order
it was complete chaos of what was going
on and I did not understand this and and
it just freaked me out so bad and also
my eyes popped open from sleep and when
my eyes popped open I was so disturbed
with what I saw I said Lord what is this
and he made me laugh started praying and
I looked at the clock it was 3:00 a.m.
in the morning I know that my wife had
to get up early and so I thought I’ll
just wait to help her so she can get
situated when she gets up early in and
just tried to reason what I had just
seen and somehow someway in the mists of
my disturbance I fell asleep again
when I fell asleep again I saw the same
three pastors this time they were bigger
and they were higher I
saw the people it was dark there were no
lights people were trying to find lights
and there was no lifes to find anything
and because of the darkness the
incapability to get any lighted areas
pandemonium broke out hysteria broke out
they I saw people arguing in parking
lots shooting each other I saw people in
in neighborhoods standing out in front
of their houses shooting each other
it was crazy what I saw with this eye I
was so disturbed and I looked up and I
said God please help us please help this
chaos that is going on and all of a
sudden I saw China and Russia coming
into the United States of America I I
don’t know that I understand it but they
they were military they were soldiers
and they were coming in to maintain the
peace I don’t I don’t know where the US
military was or anything like this but
they were coming in and what they were
doing was putting people in
concentration camps they were arresting
people Chinese soldiers and Russian
soldiers were arresting people and they
were taking guns from everybody
hi grant my face and I said what uh what
did Chinese soldiers of Russian soldiers
doing in America as soon as I asked that
question in the dream immediately I
heard the Lord shout and he said
September October November
he said warn the people and I woke up
everybody let me tell you something all
day that day we had to get prepared for
Bible study I was very quiet I I told
Marilyn you need to teach the nighttime
I’m in no condition to teach Bible study
thank God I have a powerful woman of God
than a supreme person she’s a wonderful
teacher so she taught Bible study on
July 1st
during that day when I got up in the
morning on July 1st I’m having this
dream I immediately ran to my offices
started praying asking God for the
interpretation and he gave it to me hear
the word of the Lord the three pastors
represent the Trinity of God the Father
the Son the Holy Spirit in the middle
was a passive representing Christ why
pastors because pastors are to speak the
Word of God teach the people preach to
the people about the fourth coming of
Christ but there was dead silence from
these fasteners on purpose they had no
intention of speaking but God let me
know this represents the Trinity where
it is right now there’s not being given
speech to pastors right now for the
normal conditions of preaching right now
we are to be preaching get ready for the
return of the Lord I have two clear
understanding from God that this Trinity
why these men were holding the scepters
with fire in their was to show to the
people because they were Christians also
out there down there in the chaos
fighting violence trying to survive
protecting their homes shooting and I
have to understanding that the Lord had
these fires to let them know he is still
able to solve this problem if the people
will turn to Him and so because no one
was turning to these pastors no one was
turning to him no one would look up the
fire was there in case someone would so
they would know the way this is the
interpretation that God gave me of that
but he also let me know that September
October and November
are going to be months of great turmoil
in the country great disturbance isn’t
it interesting that this is also the
time when the heat of the election will
begin to really inspire the activities
will begin to really become aggressive
because the election is taking place in
November the Lord told me to tell the
people turn to him now come to the Lord
I feel very led to tell you people are
gonna die there’s going to be shootings
there’s going to be robbings I saw
stores literally out of food I’m not
trying to scare anybody I’m just telling
with this drink I don’t get like this
normally unless the Lord is dealing with
me and that the situation is is really
dire straight this country is on the
verge just a pin drop and we’re in civil
war some of the things that are going on
with all the racial hostility all of the
massive hatred yet progress is being
made to some degree but on the local
levels with the common people there is
steel rigid aggression of racial
injustice racial prejudice racial
anxiety people are nervous people are
afraid and it just broke for some reason
something set this off and it started
swell in September and move to a to end
out right pandemonium chaos turmoil
taking place in the country I wanted to
come online and share this dream because
I wanted to record it now if it if this
doesn’t happen I’m perfectly capable to
live with it because I’m very disturbed
in my spirit I don’t want this I know
what this in our country at all but I
have been saved a very long time this is
not the first time God has dealt with me
God showed me the stock market crashed
when Obama was in it at minute
it showed me that it would crash during
his administration and it did God showed
me in his second turn he would let a lot
of Muslims into the country through
manipulation of government stature and
and statue manipulating of contracting
law and he did God showed it to me that
this man would do this you also showed
me that that that the alliance between
him and Hillary and I spoke about it
would cause detrimental chaos
underground contractual obligations to
demise America and it did happen whether
whether you want to believe it or not
because it’s not being publicized all
you got to do is Google the trials it
was straight-up tyranny this is amazing
what is going on and and in this dream
somehow I had the understanding that
President Trump just was not empowered
to to take control of the thing he was
restricted completely handcuffed with
his authority to do anything this is the
understanding that I had and man that
this dream was so real and just really
troubled me and at what I saw it be I
saw black white asian purple all kind of
people just and adversarial to each
other out right like a a like it was a
war zone I just want to say to everybody
the words of our Lord Jesus man
he said now one of the signs of the end
of the world and one of the signs of his
coming there would be commotion if you
look that word up it means utter chaos
disturbance turmoil he said there will
be commotion
oh we know about the pestilence which is
the virus disease he spoke about that
too but he also spoke about Commission
I’m sorry commotion not commission
commotion you spoke about that I just
want to ask everybody man if you’re safe
are you living holy if if you if you
have any disparity in your walk with
Christ this is not the time to be
sinning the Lord is coming back men and
more and more when I read the scripture
when he said the Son of Man will come in
an hour when you least expect I shudder
to think ship the Lord come at a time
when chaos pen pneumonias shootings is
happening and all those type of things
and snatched the church off the earth is
it possible oh yes possible every entire
prophetic scenario that has been
prophesied to forth come has been
the red heifer is in Israel is already
there that used to be one of the major
pillars that everybody was waiting for
to see if that would take place but they
have thousands of red heifers now and
Israel ready for sacrifice during the
Tribulation Period the Third Temple can
be built in three days they have they
have technology now that will allow them
to erect the temple for worship for the
Jews in three days it’s debatable if
it’s on the Dome of the rock or not I
don’t want to get into that but we do
know that a third temple will be erected
during the reign of the Antichrist in
the Tribulation Period but we also know
that the church won’t be here I am
convinced emphatically and I’m gonna go
on record to say this that the current
Pope Francis is in fact the false
prophet that will assist the Antichrist
I don’t know who the Antichrist is
nobody knows but I believe he is alive
and well and I believe we’re at the door
of a simple transition to change in unto
the one world order to force
fascinations that will have that by the
biometric chip inside the vaccination oh
Bill Gates’s he’s out there very bold
talking about every person needs to be
ID’d every person on earth needs to be
vaccinated I want to say something to
everybody to watch for as well that
we’re not hearing any talking about if
you notice on social media there has
been a lot of signs by businesses
posting we have no coinage please bring
the exact change or please use your
debit card or your credit card but we do
not have coins so if you purchase
something you have to have exact change
we will not be giving coins back we
don’t have any this is beginning to pop
up and pop up and pop up and pop up when
I’m the reason I’m mentioning this is
let everybody know slowly but surely the
economy is aggressively
being pushed very quietly toward a
cashless society there are many
businesses now that are putting up signs
no cash we only accept credit card and
debit card
folks were in the last days we’re in the
last hour actually the Lord is coming
back man please I’m begging you if you
if you’re backsliding with Christ come
back to Christ man just ask the Lord to
come into your heart say Lord forgive me
of my sins I’m sorry Lord for my
digression and my transgressions have
mercy on me God I want to be saved
amen forgive me of my sins Satan I
denounce you I break your authority over
my life to cause me to sin against God
cost me to be tricked
I bind you right now get out of my life
in Jesus name and then thank the Lord
praise him give him glory give him
praise that your name is now written in
the Lamb’s Book of Life amen until next
time this is apostle Charles turning the
3rd leaving this video and I just want
to say I’ve been having dreams like this
since I was 19 nobody let me to Christ
I was in my sin caught up in the thug
life and I heard a voice out of heaven
speak to me deep summit just like
thunder and ocean waters the same voice
that John the Apostle heard and in the
Book of Revelations I heard that voice
very deep very slow and it spoke to me
with such great power and it said serve
me I didn’t have to look around anybody
to ask as a god I fell on my knees my
hands lifted tears coming down my eyes
and I said yes Lord two days later I was
preaching on skip road to the winos and
the prostitutes to accept Jesus as a
personal Savior I’ve been a preacher
since I got saved and I’ve been hearing
the voice of the Lord from day one never
wanted to move in prophetic revelation
never wanted it but that has been my
that is my call that has been my journey
I’ve always been dealing with prophetic
utterance prophetic revelation prophetic
dreams prophetic visions you take this
video for what you take it for love it
like it whatever but I’m not backing off
of what I saw in the dream I’m extremely
disturbed it took me two days to even
record this to get my spirit right again
because I I’ve been so troubled even at
Bible study I was troubled yesterday
Wednesday I was troubled all day I
literally just sat around doing nothing
trying to wrap my mind around the future
was coming on I want to give you some
advice this is just coming from a
preacher I think you should do it one I
think you should get a generator number
two I think you start storing up food
dry foods that you can simply put water
to and have a meal generator dry foods
stock up on plenty of water I would also
say to you I think you should buy some
silver coins I’m telling you man it’s
getting deep out here
so we’re coins to get you through if you
need some currency and things like trust
I used to trade commodities it used to
be a financial guy I traded commodities
and what I mean trade traded them
license was also stock broker
bond trader traveled all around the
world dealing with wealthy people having
their affairs Amen so I just want to say
to you let me get rid of this I just
want to say to you use wisdom be careful
stay alert stay prayerful and if you can
get in a church building get in there
long as you’re not sick or anything get
in there ask God to help you reach your
Bible I want to encourage you to read
Saint John started reading in Saint John
here the comforting words of our Lord to
watch his situations how he handles
things he’s still alive and well he’s
very calm he’s not anxious about
anything he’s very calm but he’s getting
ready to come back I love you god bless
I’m praying for you please pray for me
less endure amen
#NHIMnation #CatchTheFire

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