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Bedtime Warfare Prayer – Eternal Library

Bedtime Warfare Prayer – Eternal Library

Father, I come to You in the name of Jesus the Christ and I repent of every thought, spoken word and deed, that was displeasing to You and any uncompleted vow that I committed to. I break every curse that was placed on me, either self-imposed or put upon, by any demonic source and anything spoken over me that was not from You. I curse every corruptible seed that was implanted in me and I command them to wither and die and I loose myself from every spirit associated with those seeds. Allow Your righteous seeds to grow and bear fruit for Your glory.

I apply the blood of Jesus over my house, upon the roof, walls and floors, upon all my family members, possessions, automobiles, and my spirit, soul, body and dreams. I bind up any spirits of terror, fear, nightmares, or torment, every mind-binding, evil, foul, lying and unclean spirit that may try to come and torment me in any way tonight, and I muzzle the voice of the stranger. Satan, you and any evil spirit in your kingdom that could be in or around this property, I bind you and drive you out, in the name of Jesus. Any astral projection or soul travel spirits that could be in or around this property, I command you, in the Name of Jesus, to go back where you came from.

Father, please send Your warring angels to watch over me and to hold back the forces of Satan and his kingdom while I sleep. Send Your ministering angels to come and minister to me as I sleep. Holy Spirit, please come and flow through me, giving me dreams, visions, health, supernatural rest, and let me wake up refreshed. I pray all this in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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