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Avalanche! – Pastor Benjamin Faircloth

Avalanche! – Pastor Benjamin Faircloth


“Oh Mountain of the world. Your fall is near, and great will be your fall! America the beautiful, the vain, the vile, and wretched. Oblivious to your grievous wounds! I searched for a nation to do My will and I found her, in you I touched the world. But now I have found you playing the harlot, divorced from your marriage to Me! Your lovers are too many to name, your idols are too many to claim. Your infected with falsehoods, corruption, and deep disdain for TRUTH! America, you will fall, your nation will burn with deep hatred and vile contempt for humanity. You’ve rejected My Counsel, you’ve sat with the prideful and you’ve taken their counsel. Now you will see history repeat itself, for every nation that has rejected Me has turned into hell!”

(Scripture reference for this message is Hosea 12)

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