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Arrested in the Night – Liz Lau


Arrested in the Night

March 13, 2022 5:09 AM
Liz Lau

The dream from Anonymous titled “They Came for Me at Night!: Warning Dream for Canada” reminds me of a similar dream I had.

In the dream, police broke down our door in the middle of the night and yelled something about me breaking the law. They didn’t ring the bell or knock. They just broke down the door. I was in bed and woke up to the noise. I’m in Canada too, but the home in the dream isn’t my home in real life.

This dream could be related to 2 other dreams I had before. In one of them, I found myself in an empty room with a couple of strangers. We were given ice cream cones but no one ate it except me. I took one bite and stopped eating when I saw their cautious and serious look.

I, the clueless one, was first to be called to the next room. I stood outside the door and saw a woman sitting beside some type of equipment. I felt she was a nurse even though she didn’t act or dress like one. (By the way this dream was way before covid.) She looked strangely detached. I suddenly realized we had to accept or reject the mark of the beast right there and then. I was overjoyed because that meant I would soon be with the Lord, as they would kill me for rejecting the mark. I said a quick prayer that I won’t feel any pain, then yelled out at the top of my lungs that I won’t take the mark of the beast. I wanted others to know and to reject it too.

The “nurse” didn’t react to my yelling. Whether you accept it or not, she would send you to one of two rooms so no one would leave the same way they came. And the dream ended there.

A year after this dream, I had what seemed to be a sequel dream. In this dream I found myself in a room with torture equipment set out like a small gym. A group of people were huddled together against a wall. Then the torturer, dressed like an office staff with a white shirt, came in through a door across the room. Everyone seemed calm. No one made a sound. I wasn’t afraid either.

Jeff Byerly of Holy Spirit Wind had a vision of being tortured too and he felt no pain. His post is titled “2 Visions: Feeling No Pain While Being Tortured to Death / While Waiting in Line for the Mark of the Beast…”

Even if we do feel any pain, know that it’s a great honour to die for His name’s sake.

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