They Came for Me at Night!:  Warning Dream for Canada – Anonymous


They Came for Me at Night!:  Warning Dream for Canada

2022-03-12 8:20 PM

Near the end of summer 2021, I woke up from a very scary dream about the Mark of the Beast.
In this dream, I was sitting downstairs on the couch in my family’s living room. My mother and two younger siblings were standing in the kitchen near our hallway that faces the front door. The hallway light was off. I heard a loud bang and stood up. I saw several men wearing all black enter our hallway. They were yelling about the mark of the beast. I could see behind them, that it was outside was nighttime.

They were telling us that we had to take the mark of the beast. I remember seeing my mother and siblings standing right in front of the hallway frozen with fear and screaming. I was standing up and started screaming in fear and yelled “no”. Then out of fear, as I was screaming, I said “yes”. Right before the dream ended, I yelled “no” again because I did not want to take it and instantly regretted saying yes out of fear. When I woke up in my room it was daytime outside.
Please pray to God for confirmation on this dream.

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