APPLE CART – Ruth Johnson



NOVEMBER 20, 2021 10:37 AM
Ruth Johnson

I Will upset their apple cart.
Oops! What happened?
your big, bad plans
Gone awry?
Did you actually
Underestimate Me
Sent from My Father
To shake your tree?
It started with fruit
Of knowledge
And ends with the boot
Of God
Do you find it odd?
Or is Justice served
On a silver platter
What you deserve
For this important matter
y’all instigated
On His earth
When He granted
His children birth?
Did you honestly believe
I Would let it slide?
Who do you think you are?
Where do you think you stand?
By My side?
Certainly not above Me
And you do not love Me
you have proven that
Ad nauseam
you are thieves
Covetous gluttons
your sexual prowesses
Are over the top
y’all have flipped the scales
Soon it will stop
your apple cart toppled
your fruit full of worms?
Maybe it is time
For y’all to squirm
Is it getting hot
Under your collars?
Are you sweating
The small stuff?
Is the going getting rough?
Are you really that tough?
your folderol and fiddle dee dee
Has caused a great catastrophe!
I realize you think you are wise
But that is only one of the lies
you have told yourself
In your magic mirrors
Where you believe
you are the fairest of them all
And become so proud
you cannot fall
What!? What is that?
Why do you think
In your vast wisdom
I put a bottomless hole
Next to My Coming Kingdom
And lit it all on fire?
And you call Me a liar?
What really is disgusting
Is the way y’all hide,
Cannot show your faces
Without a disguise.
Why is that?
Are you ashamed
Of the way you really look?
More like a monster
Than a super model?
Victoria has a secret
That is a for sure
And soon the closet
Will sport an open door
And we will see what
Is sold at your store
No one will buy
your mealy merchandise
Black and white
Will be yesterday’s news
Red will be in like Flynn
Blood red like the apples
In your spilled wagon
De-wheeled, derailed
For eternity.
How will that be,
snake in the Tree?


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