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Another Warning of Attack On US Navy – Sharlene Reimer


Another Warning of Attack On US Navy/Interceding For the Next Generation Kingdom Workers/“This Administration Is Finished”

Vision #337

January 4, 2022 10:11 PM
Sharlene Reimer

Jan 3/22 Mon evg

I was worshiping the Lord Jesus in the Throne Room. Some of what I worshiped with was the oldie but goodie hymns: I Surrender All, I Will Sing Of Your Mercies, Holy Holy Holy and Rend Collective: The Joy of the Lord. I began to pray.

I began to pray. When I came to intercede on behalf of the children because of the vaxx, I had another vision. This is the second time I’ve had a vision while interceding for the children regarding the vaxx.  In the first vision, I saw three serpents which represent an unholy alliance. They were being bound by three mighty angels using three cords of fire. But this time, in the second vision, my perspective was different and I was shown more. My view was from where the angels were standing as if I was standing with them. I saw the length of the cords in the distance binding the three serpents. Then to my left, I saw a couple of angels dip their arrows in the blood of the Lamb and shoot them at the serpents to torment them. This was very encouraging to see.  Sometimes when I intercede/war, God reveals how He intercedes with me; what is being done in the spirit realm which also reveals God’s strategy in how to pray. When we intercede, there is always something going on in the spiritual realm whether we see it or not. Pray for the children as satan wants to sabotage the next generation kingdom workers.  Pray for the parents that God would open their eyes to the deception. (Eccl 4:12 is the scripture on the three cords)

I went to my mountain. At the base were many of the warriors’ white horses that were calmly standing together, as if resting. There was a group of warriors in their armour nearby. I approached the group and encouraged them and in turn, they encouraged me. I understood we were renewed in faith and confidence and so we began the climb up with much determination. Nothing would deter us.  Many of us had unsheathed our swords as we climbed! For the glory of God and His purposes!

I reached the top and off I went with my eagle proclaiming Ps 91. I found myself over ocean and in front of a naval fleet. I understood it was some of the US navy. I then understood that of this fleet, I have seen some of the ships attacked in the future by Russia as I have seen in previous visions: #22- which is a separate attack from #84, #85, #261.  I also understood that this is not immediate.

I went back to the white bench where Jesus was waiting for me as always. He is so faithful. It is my understanding that God will use Russia backed by China as judgment for dividing land in Jerusalem/Israel in the great deal that, unfortunately, is to be created in the future with Trump.  The attack on the navy precedes the land invasion by Russia/China (land invasion seen in visions #2, #170, #183.) My understanding from rereading vision #183, the invasion occurs after the great earthquakes that hit the NA West Coast and after the building of the 3rd temple as Trump has a hand in that. (vision #107, #230, #309, #334).  But unfortunately, his obsession to create the deal of the century will be his undoing and the nation will suffer the consequences of its leader. I understood that the separate attack on the naval ship in #22 is a warning. I also understood that other nations that participate in the deal of the century, will also suffer consequences for dividing the land of Israel.  Remember, when you touch Israel, you touch the apple/pupil of God’s eye. (Zach 2:8, Deut. 32:10, Prov 7:2)

I went to see a regular vision. I went down the stairs, greeted my greeter group at the bottom and we walked over to the vision area where the others had already gathered. It opened up to see buildings from Washington DC USA. I saw the Whitehouse, the Washington Monument as well as the United States Capitol. Then my perspective changed and I saw Trump walking in a hallway with a high ceiling stopping to greet staff by shaking their hands. I understood he was in the Whitehouse. Then I heard the voice of the Lord say, “There is coming change- the winds of change are here. Watch and see what I AM about to do. This administration is finished.”

What is Your heart, God? “My heart is that people would rend their hearts and not their garments; humble themselves, repent and return to Me. That they would seek Me wholeheartedly with purpose for I desire relationship. If only they understood how much I love them and want to make them whole.  I Am their Healer- emotionally, spiritually and physically. Come now, all who are weary, wounded and burdened, be reconciled to Me.”

I understood that we also should continue to pray for Trump. He needs protection, wisdom and his eyes opened to the deception and agenda of the “vaccinations.”

I have created a prayer to intercede on behalf of the children. If you are interested email me or leave a comment in my blog. For the sake of length, I didn’t add it to the vision.

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