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April 13, 2022 9:02 PM
Handmaid of the Most High
Luke 9:23-24 KJV
And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me. [24] For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: but whosoever will lose his life for my sake, the same shall save it.

Dream Received April 4, 2022 early morning hours

I was on a college campus that I do not recognize but in my dream it represents the college I attended, so it appeared upgraded looking different since I graduated 36 years ago (I have never returned). In the dream it had many large brick buildings but most at the center campus hub were not (many seem 4 to 10 stories high). I knew many have basements that go down multiple levels and underground tunnels connect some to one another (this is not typical in FL which has a water table of less than 6 feet).

As I approach an important building, I notice that there is a very vast stairway system that descends more than a story down, I perceive that it may be a concert or performance hall, since I can see glass windows that go from floor to ceiling along with multiple glass door entrances. It is quite spectacular. I am walking with a woman (no one I know) and I’m chatting with her as I see a huge quantity of water rushing toward us and we are both shocked. Before us, I notice many walking toward the same building going toward the performance center below. Many are shouting about where they should go to get away from the water others stand still in shock. I tell the woman we should go immediately inside the building and take the elevator to the highest floor.


I knew immediately when the huge wall of water rushed toward us that it was the East Coast Tsunami that I have had multiple dreams and two visions (all posted on this site). This college, my alma mater in Tallahassee is about 80 miles from the Gulf Coast of FL. I knew that there was safety by going to higher ground. However, most will not escape these waters and devastation to people, animals, pets, homes and most buildings will not withstand the devastation coming. I knew as I witnessed the water going down the stairs of the building and flooding all the surrounding land that most would die of drowning or injuries as a result.

The Lord is warning – again, that soon United States, Canada and Atlantic Coastal regions including the Caribbean will experience this tsunami that will take around 100 million of lives total!

2nd Dream –

I was at a Hotel and surrounding resort area near the ocean (no where I recognize but I perceived it was in FL). I was showing a friend around the hotel and surrounding area and telling her how to best utilize her money, while during her visit, as I knew she was always careful with her financial resources.

Though the hotel had a lovely restaurant, it was quite expensive and beyond my budget and I assumed hers, as well. I knew of an “underground” kitchen which served food cafeteria style, which included a few choices of entrees, several vegetables and desert options. The food was very good and tasty but it was a secret only a few people had knowledge of and one had to go through many passage ways and staff entrance ways to get there. We got our food and sat down to eat but we got separated and then I had people come to me asking for help or assistance so I left her. When I later returned my friend was gone and my food was taken (I assumed it was most likely in the trash, perhaps it was done because it was now cold).

Meanwhile, I was trying to locate a bathroom but the only one I found had no privacy it had no barriers, and a long line of people (both genders) were queued to use the one toilet, I left because I didn’t want my friend to be abandoned even longer. When I returned the kitchen was closed, no one was in the room which had been quite crowded and my friend had not returned.

There was a bit more but it’s private.


Many saints understand the key points of Christian Living, we know principles and parables of Christ. However, we are getting distracted by others and worldly cares (people asking me for help in the dream or we are in conflict with our views).

Needing to find a restroom but not even able to use it was a reflections of even our most important life activities (such as basic needs -food, water, hygiene, and most importantly communing with the Lord) are being interrupted or more succinctly, we are focused on all the distractions we are hearing in the media, non critical issues (flat earth, Hebrew roots, Kingdom now, New Apopostalic Reformation, false prophetic words and their “superstars” that are filled with lying demons (many who falsely post things on their websites and videos which are after events they speak about have actually occurred or miss the point by a mile, by the way, if they don’t repent, they are going to hell for lying) but still idolized by so many, political murmurings, the “Slap Heard Around the World – Will Smith’s “attack” on Christ Rock,) and other matters to numerous to include. All the real life distractions can so easily take us away from feasting on the Word (which disappeared because I did not feed). John 15:7

This was a message not only to me to spend more time in the word but for everyone. The enemy has many of the Saints very distracted with things that matter little. Colossians 3:2 While we take precious time away from what sustains us, His word, His still small voice that lead us to the path of eternal life. Do not forget that your life isn’t just about tasks being marked off your to do list, it is about serving God as He desires. mediating and meeting with Him at least once a day. Knowing the one, who will lead you to your eternal home! 1 Kings 19:11-13, John 21:15-17

The empty kitchen revealed that the saints, who allow themselves to be distracted chose to stop waiting and they missed the Lord!

Saints keep that oil in your lamps!

The Lord told me years ago, that only 20% of those claiming to follow Christ, were really his!!!

Then about four years ago, He changed that number to less than 10%. When I asked Him on the evening of April 6, 2022 following this dream if that number was still accurate, He said it was less than 5%!


Then around 3:45 EST, April 8, 2022 when I pulled up the call to pray with all the prayer points the Father had asked for us to meet together on Fridays at 4:00PM, I was astounded and heartbroken to see only 5 people had gone to the page that day! More than 12,000 people are members of the site and only around 1600 to 1800 read my prophecies and those of some others, unfortunately it is far less for some others (a few have powerful messages but because their grammar or writing style doesn’t appeal to some they get less views), and yet, only FIVE People joined to pray?? I realize some may have printed it out but what I heard from the Holy Spirit that under 80 people printed it and only a few even know where they placed it! How this must grieve Him! He told me that it will only get worse! He told me “I wait for their prayers but few pray for others or the kingdom”. Why even claim Christ when you don’t even care for yourself let alone others! Sometimes, I have conversations with Christians that leave me speechless because of their lack of knowledge about even key things. Just this week, one person I talk to regularly had no idea about the mark of the beast! When I said read about it in the book of Revelations, she had never heard about it. She thought it was a newly published book! I knew she was a baby in her awareness, I had no idea it was this serious. When I asked if she had a Bible at home she said no. Folks, this is scary.

I keep scripture to give away with me wherever I go. I have probably given around forty or fifty Bibles or Scriptural texts away over the last eight years and I am personally disappointed it has not been more. I pray for opportunities. Many of these have been given to homeless people or people I know in my daily tasks (some none believers, who are searching for answers). Folks, we must share Christ. How will you feel when you learn they went to hell and you never told them about Jesus? How will you stand before a righteous God and say “I was too embarrassed” or “I didn’t want them to be angry at what I said”?

Saints, how is this possible? How can this be when we need to be unified more than ever before? I can’t tell you how depressed I was and I am crying again as I write this. I am so desperately concerned that few will join me and the Lord in eternity! Fear for your eternal life! The Holy Spirit said now you see why only Noah’s household was allowed to enter the Ark. Don’t you see, that Ark represents the covenant of our heart toward Jesus! If you can’t be bothered to pray for the purposes of the Kingdom why would you even expect to spend eternity with Him.

Now April 13, 2022, Hear the Holy Spirit speak –

Children, I weep for you just as I did when I stood looking over Jerusalem. How I weep, because I want to gather you to my bosom but you have forgotten me! You run around thinking that you can prepare for what is coming and have all these plans and devices that will protect you from this disaster and this or that attack. Do you not realize that I AM completely in control? Do you not know that if I can make water flow from a rock and food fall from heaven that I can and I AM able to take care of your every need?

Why are you so preocupied with getting this and having that? Some I have not even told you to set aside things because I have plans for your future that will not entail having many things set aside. I have plans that are above your ways and knowledge. I know that you will not even be here in some cases because the disasters that are planned by the enemy soon to come and that I will allow, will take you from this earth – DO NOT BE AFRAID! It will be a great blessing for many of you! You have no idea how much you will escape! Do not fear suffering, it will not be as the enemy has told you.

Be Glad and REJOICE! I say Rejoice in Me and MY LOVE FOR YOU!

How precious you are to me. Precious children, come back before it is to late! You have let the cares of this world preoccupy you to the point, that I AM is often forgotten in your plans and your day. Ask my Holy Spirit to guide and direct you. I urge you to submit to my plans and my portion for you. It is far greater and better than ANYTHING you could do! Jeremiah 29:11-13, Isaiah 55:7-13, 89, James 1:2-5
Phillipians 4:4-7

Why oh why do you fail to trust me? Why do you fear the power of those over you, when I AM so much more powerful? I told you to Fear Not, for I AM great and mighty and there is none like me.

Do not foolishly delay. Now is the time for salvation! Do not tarry in your actions to seek me and ask me for guidance. I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life! There is no other way to live your life that will bring you lasting, eternal joy.

Oh, children, do not be like so many sheep that have gone astray, having chosen another path that does not lead to me and SO MANY DON’T REALIZE THAT THEY ARE LOST! Just like the 5 brides that awoke to find they were without oil; so are most of you reading this! Reading prophecies for 20 minutes of your day is NO SUBSTITUTE for spending time with me and reading my word. Matthew 25:3-9

How lazy you have become, so absorbed on the latest posts on twitter or facebook that you don’t even notice what surrounds you. Many of you need spiritual deliverance! You are demon filled and you don’t even realize that yes, Christians can be greatly influenced and also be possessed by spirits, these that entered in while you participated in gossip, judgment, assumptions, bitterness, unforgiveness, criticalness, lust, fornication, adultry, homosexuality, idolatry (self and others), pride, dismissiveness, lack of compassion toward others and so many other sins.

Yet, so many even claim you are without sin. You are like the other thief, who dying still did not own his behavior. You will stand before my throne and proclaiming your works of charity (donating used goods, supporting charities and foundations that do nothing to glorify my kingdom) and other actions motivated by your desire to be seen as kind, generous and righteous, while you will soon see them burned in the fire! Do not have regrets but rather seek to do my work, spread the gospel, pray with others for their concerns, have time to meet with me. These are those things which will stand as a testimony of your faith.

Feed my sheep! Do not hold on to your earthly wealth and possessions for they are vanity but rather keep my commandments and be ready to loose your life for another (note, He said that doesn’t always mean physical death, it means giving time, energy and of your possessions to those in need). So many of you have been led astray. It is TIME to come back! Isaiah 53:6-8, Proverbs 14:23, Proverbs 19:15

I know many are greatly concerned about the World War that has begun. I AM pleased that many are praying for the righteous and the lost. Know that this has been known by me from the time I laid the foundations of the earth. I proclaimed that this time would come. I AM not the Lord of ALL CREATION?!

Do not fear what will happen to your earthly vessel. I AM breathed life into you and I know the plans, I had for you and what awaits. Rather be concerned about the kingdom work and doing what is pleasing to me! With these thoughts acknowledged daily as you humble yourself before me (many of you fail to do this, but it is absolutely necessary for you to hear me), you will perform great and mighty things for the kingdom. Choose to not let sin enter in and your rewards will be great.

I love you, my beloved.


4/13/22 Afternoon while working on this word -Handmaid of the Most High –

The Holy Spirit has laid on my heart to share, something He taught me years ago. The Father never makes a promise He does not have an intention to fulfill. 2 Peter 3:9 He showed me how sinful were the promises I made later to break. Some were simple things, I would promise to read a book by an author, someone thought would share wisdom or I would agree to have a second date with someone (knowing I wouldn’t return their calls to arrange another date), when I should have been honest and kind in expressing my lack of interest. These were abominations! We are to live truthfully. That means not making a promise (vow) we don’t have an intention of keeping or we will keep if it is convenient to us when the time arrives. As Christians, we are to live as Christ lived. He never made a promise then broke it!

Our word to others not only is a witness (good or bad) to others wondering how Christ has changed us. If you continue commiting the same sins, then have your been transformed? Be truthful. To be more clear, did you truly commit your life to Christ? Or did you just say that to make someone happy or keep someone off your back?

I am truly ashamed of my lack of compassion and misleading others. Are you?

I made amends with those I could locate and most people realizing that I was truly sorry were very kind and forgiving. I had a few that expressed a lot of anger but even then, when I again apologized it softened their pain. I had rationalized in some instances that these men (regarding not being direct in stating I wasn’t interested) took my kindness or friendliness as an invitation of interest when in fact that is the way I am with most people including strangers since I was a small child. However, I learned that tact with kindness is quite effective. Ask the Father, who you need to apologize to and do it only when you truly sorry. It means little if you don’t have a contrite heart. Psalm 51:17

The Lord takes this seriously! It is very serious, especially when we make Him promises we don’t. When we marry then cheat, we not only wounded our spouse, we committed adultery with Christ! Read the scripture – it is very clear.

Don’t promise to pray for someone, then not do it. It grieves the Holy Spirit.

Intention is NOT the Same as action!` So many people, when they hear of my physical hardships whether it is the stalking and various harassments I endure or the damages I’ve sustained to my body that causes constant pain and great difficulty moving resulting in a poor medical prognosis, I can certainly tell when prayers are offered for me and I am grateful. When I feel that power, I thank the Lord and ask Him to bless those who do pray.

However, the occultists that focus on me day and night have increased their evil attacks greatly since I started posting 3 years ago and it has been so much worse since November, the demons in them know time is short. Ask those who walk in this gift. It is a lonely human experiences, resulting in many attacks and envy from others. Please pray for all the contributors, who bring forth the word, few do it for the “rewards”, we are seldom recognized in human ways like prayer. We certainly don’t do it for financial support (which is rare). We do it because we are obedient to the Holy Spirit. I urge you to be obedient likewise, however He has called you and gifted you.

As they walk away, I’ve had the Holy Spirit tell me that out of sight, out of mind, to expect nothing, they will not do as they promised. It has made me both disappointed, distrustful and jaded in general about people, who claim to have fellowship with Him.

Do you not think that when you say such things to others, they won’t feel the same? Think of how you felt when a promise was made when you were a child and it wasn’t kept. The Holy Spirit says many reading have immediately felt this pain again, reading this. So, if it hurt you how does your broken promises hurt others? Matthew 7:12 ‘So whatever you would like done unto you, do unto others, for this the law and the prophets’. There are others that say that same think, Leviticus 19:18 says nearly the same.

If you have no prayer life, first get back into relationship the Lord. Think before you make any promise before you make it. Whether you tell someone, “I have to get back with you” or “I can’t commit at the moment” or something that makes it clear that you are not promising something whether that is to meet at the basketball court or when you will be home for dinner.

When you make a promise that you don’t keep you are a liar. I’m not accusing you, I am quoting scripture, it is clear liars do not go to heaven. Repent now for all the promises large and SMALL that you have broken, so that you will be cleansed of all unrighteousness. Don’t lie to God and yourself by saying you have not or do not do so! 1 John 1:8 ‘If we say we have no sin, we make God a liar, but God is faithful and just to remove all your sin.’ Other Bible versions say that: ‘If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, but God is faithful and loving to remove our sin.’ Don’t fall into this deception, it is very common today. I am appalled at the things I hear people say, particularly about they don’t worry because God provides grace! Yes, HE DOES WHEN YOU REPENT! It is NOT intended to let you sin
more – Romans 6:1 is clear in this interpretation.

~Handmaid of the Most High~


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