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February 28, 2022
Timothy Dixon


Jeremiah 18

Dream starts at 12:48 mark

Auto Generated Transcript

the lord gave me a dream uh about hawaii and america and in the dream i still i remember that
the emergency broadcast system didn’t come on
and america was being attacked and but it was delayed on purpose because our pentagon our pentagon and the rulers of the military in america not not all of them but some of the top brass and the people that’s got the most power uh the lord showed me that they’re nothing no more than
than the kgb of russia they’re they have come in
satan has come in to use such people you know satan has their vessels that he uses too but i saw in my dream that we was compromised in the pentagon at some of the commanding officers of our military and our armed forces and when the ebs didn’t go off i looked and i seen jets fighter jets
coming out of the pacific towards hawaii they hit hawaii before much like the pearl harbor i know
i know we’ve got a lot of advanced technology i realize that and i know it’s uh your our technology today will pick up things far in advance than than it did in years past but i’m just telling you the dream
and they had already uh scrambled for the in flight for the hawaii china was and america we was just not ready as we could be for such an attack never thought it was coming and again i’m just telling you a dream uh i’m not trying to dictate the military or telling it you know this this this i’m telling you a dream a warning i believe in them but i saw the jets as they was coming across the pacific and they hit hawaii and when they did i seen a particular
general then he let the ebs go off but he delayed it on purpose by then when our troops had a chance to respond they had had china had had a aircraft carrier in place off the pacific towards hawaii in my dream then they attacked full force to take hawaii and then on the northern border you remember i said this in my dream and the other ones already
i saw russia coming across the canadian border
oh lord jesus if you go back and you look at the words this was far more uh as long ago before
russia had hit the ukraine or even it was anything in the news about it and i had a lot of criticism about you know it ain’t gonna be russia it ain’t gonna be this it ain’t gonna be that and i’m still getting a lot of criticism and again i’m just here to tell you the word
of the lord and i’m um wanting hopefully that even the unbeliever can can uh see the lord and come to the lord but as russia began to come across the
canadian border into america china and some of russia they were allies with each other had took hawaii for the mere purpose as a stopping place to take america and in my dream i’ve seen
uh soviet fighter jets coming across the top and border they hit the state of washington
uh they come across in my dream in several key places um working their way at strategic strategic
spots and places and cities and government offices
but what what i noticed in this particular dream
is they didn’t have to hit some of the government branches and that’s because it’s already took over
they won’t have to fire a shot and that’s not every place but they’ve got a lot of places and then i saw
someone stand up in the military and realize that america was under attack and it was being seduced and connived and uh china and russia had been given a chance to catch us off guard when these other top-ranking people begin to see this i don’t know the words to use other than they rebelled
against their superior officers because they knew that their country was in jeopardy and that their superior officers had traded them out again this is a dream now as all this began to take place in my dream here it was somewhere in january i believe i had that or maybe before but i’d have to find the dates i have so many i can’t remember most of my dates but the lord did come to me and he told me
spoke this parts of jeremiah to me and he said
at what instant i shall speak concerning a nation and
concerning the kingdom to pluck up and to pull it down and to destroy it if that nation against whom i have pronounced turn from their evil i will repent of the evil that i thought to do unto them i’ve seen
god’s people begin to pray and then i saw the lord the hands of the lord and just all at once he was
and he stopped it by the hands of god again i’ve had this dream again several times and the lord had
stopped america from being took over at this point
but we was under attack at the greatest level we are in the hands of god i want everyone that is a believer and those that you just don’t believe but believe it for the for the work’s sake let’s just pray i am wrong you know that i am a false prophet you know some say i am i’m not one to uh have to be upset if my word don’t come to pass i understand it it’s what i just read to you in jeremiah and many other passages it’s god’s word it ain’t mine he’s god
i’m not but i am a voice piece of the lord i’ll do as he tells me i want to put a warning out to america and to the prophets and apostles the men of god women of god across our nation join with me today but when you hear this video join with me in prayer
for the revival of america and the ukraine not just to ukraine but hawaii and california other key places that satan is after the reason he’s after it’s not just to get our land i know that’s the natural side to look
at it that they want our our country they won’t how it’s being blessed but you can’t buy the blessing that’s on america it’s not for sale it is ordained and given by god he will not do anything lest he reveals it
to the prophet before he does it an oracle a word a seer prophetess prophet woman of god men of god
today stand with me in prayer revival is at our door

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