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America is on the threshold of extinction – Ali Winters

America is on the threshold of extension – Ali Winters

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

“With pen and pad write what you hear. Do not be hesitant, neither question nor doubt. Believe that I AM that I AM. Trust Me even when you don’t understand. Trust Me. The coming days are full of deceit and misrepresentation. Little truth remains in the world today. The message spoken, shout it from the rooftops. Child, this is the last hour. You must be strong to speak what you hear and know to be truth. Continually be on guard for the evil one desires your voice to be silenced. Be vigilant in your rebuke of evil. Give no place to the enemy. His hatred of you is limitless, his tricks masterfully designed to bring doubt and fear. Trust Me…” (This paragraph, perhaps personally directed to me, I felt led to share. Please seek God for clarity and direction. As with everything you read on this blog, take it to the LORD in prayer).

“America is on the threshold of extinction. Grievous sins have destroyed the foundation and the framework of your society. The gates of hell will not prevail against My people. But they will try. The force behind hatred is strong and satan has great hatred for the chosen of God. His plans for the destruction of many are broad, craftily designed, subtly implemented. Many will fall for his schemes. NYC, Detroit, Chicago; already under his power. Darkness will rest over your nation. Spreading like wildfire it will consume many. What befalls a nation consumed by sin will be evident soon.

A great earthquake will soon hit in central America. (Soon for the LORD and soon for man are seldom the same. I ask if this was Central America or mid America. He again said it is ‘central America. Prayers for both would be wise). Many lives will be lost. Warnings to repent and return to the God of all creation have gone unheeded, now the time has come. No more will you wait to see My anger poured out, for you will see and be ashamed for your sin of silence. You will be shaken by all that is coming.

War rages in the heart of man. A war between good and evil, right and wrong. Man is tossed too and fro by many things; things that tickle their fancy without lasting benefit. Man who has been given so much, now has so much to loose.

You have come to a time of decision oh nations of wickedness. September will bring the rise and fall of many as calamity and chaos sweep across the nations. My Spirit will also sweep across the nations, speaking to those with ears to hear. Many will hear and repent, many more will ignore My Spirit.
The rise and fall of many in September. September, a time of soul searching. Great obstacles to overcome in the weeks ahead. Changes coming. Will you burn brightly or be extinguished as a candle in the wind?”

I was also given Isaiah 26 to read. Please take time to read all of Chapter 26 and prayerfully consider the words of Isaiah and what the LORD would have you do in the times in which we live.

‘You will keep in perfect peace
those whose minds are steadfast,
because they trust in you.
Trust in the Lord forever,
for the Lord, the Lord himself, is the Rock eternal…’ Isaiah 26:3-4

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