All on our knees – Ruth Johnson

All on Our Knees

Nov 22, 2019, 8:39 PM
Ruth Johnson
The pits of hell are widening
Bloating, expanding to receive
The likes of zombies, demons and witches,
All not on their knees.
The gates of hell are opening
To set loose the hordes
Of giants, helldogs, numerous false gods.
They will walk the earth,
After all they own it
Even though they stole it
They come for you and me,
They come for our children
They come for our herds,
They come for our souls,
Our reptiles and birds.
They come in our likeness
They come as they are
Each and every one
A plummeting star.
They put themselves in movies,
They put their names on cars
They put their bloody handprints
On the Sidewalk of the Stars.
They have always been among us
Breaking hearts along the way,
But never showing us their eyes,
It would frighten us away.
We so love the beauty
Of the human form
We gave them the license
To inundate us with porn.
We gave them the right
To steal unborn babes
We give them our allegiance
They throw it in our face.
They give us their money
We horde it in their banks,
Our land was milk and honey
And we never gave Him Thanks.
We sold our land, squandered it,
Burned out, bombed it, lost it.
Why? For that pot of gold
At the end of the rainbow?
The gift we were given
After the flood?
Well, soon will halt the flow of blood,
And fire will cleanse the land
A lava flow of fiery blood,
As high as the horses stand,
As high as our transgressions
Scream up from the saturated land.
O Lord! O Lord! O Lord!
The earth is soaked
With the blood of our children
To feed a machine killing all of us!
Call a halt!
Call a cease!
Avenge our children, please!!!
O my Lord, our merciful Lord,
May we all fall on our knees!!!

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