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Aladdin’s Lamp: A Satanic Fairy Tale (Not For Children) – Pollox


Aladdin’s Lamp: A Satanic Fairy Tale (Not For Children)

October 10, 2021 11:09 AM

October 10, 2021

Aladdin’s Lamp was originally written by one of satan’s true prophets and henchmen. It is a multi layer satanic fairy tale that high level occult adepts, understand the true significance completely. Aladdin is a “Genie or Jinn” in a bottle or oil lamp. My American Dictionary (published in 1940) says the following for Genie: “In Mohammedan belief, a familiar or attendant spirit: also Jinn.” There it is, a Demon Spirit!

Note: This message happened during last night as I was trying to sleep (I get little these days as waiting for the coming initial disaster in Babylon America is turning me inside out: Stress is the final frontier folks!). I was given three layers of the tale as applies to our time now. It happened over hours as each layer was revealed to me.

Layer #1:
After December 8, 2021 those that have taken the Spiritual Mark of The Beast Vaccines and or Booster Shot will become “Turners”, “Zombies” with the completion and total application of 5G worldwide. Whether CERN is involved in this I do not know: “We see in part, we know in part.” Kerry Ann Gidden has a recent (posted October 5, 2021) video posted on a YouTube.com entitled “HIGH IMPORTANCE!! WOMAN TURNS ZOMBIE RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY EYES!!” This gives some of the same clues as to the switch of people who are marked. This message the Holy Spirit had me watch to the end; for that is what is going to happen: They Will Be Turned On!

Why December 8, 2021? Because in the former message posted by The Scribe on this site this date was given, as regards II THESSALONIANS Ch 2 V 7 & 8,the restrainer is lifted up”. He is taken off the earth and the A-C will ascend more fully.

How does this fit in with Aladdin’s Lamp? The “Genie” gets out of the bottle or lamp, as in the story. Once out, by your own actions, decisions, responsibility of taking the Vaccine and not consulting Almighty God first! That’s It It Is Done!

I am not addressing the issue of Repentance here, but after December 8th, 2021 The Day Is Far Spent! Repentance is between you and God Almighty!

Layer #2:
At some point in the future, there will be an accident at CERN, in Switzerland, satan’s nest. This I read on this site, by a true prophet named Byron (have just learned that all his messages have been deleted from this site by Byron’s request helas!). This message was explicit and detailed a man in a white lab coat using techno-arms in a hermetically sealed laboratory room, accidentally dropping a glass vial with Black-Goo in it releasing it, which then grows out of all proportion filling the room and then the building and out into the surrounding area finally the whole earth. This is the beginning/naissance of The Three Days Of Darkness, that will be worldwide.

How does this apply to Aladdin’s Lamp, what is the connection? Well the Black-Goo (alive evil incarnate) is the “Genie” in the bottle or lamp of evil. In the story the “Genie” is a monster of Black Smoke. The Three Wishes of the story are the Three Frogs (Diabolical Spirits) of Revelation/The Apocalypse. Ch 16 V 13 & 14. “And I saw issuing from the mouth of the dragon, and from the mouth of the false prophet, three spirits like frogs. 14. For they are spirits of demons working signs, and they go forth unto the kings of the whole earth to gather for the battle on the great day of God almighty.”

Layer #3:
This is the layer I do not want children to read! Have A Care!
Now in the numerous depictions of Aladdin’s Lamp I have seen in my life, there are one of two possibilities or images. One a small lamp with a pointed spout and round handle. The second is always a tall straight bottle with a bulbous base and sometimes a tiny minaret top. The high level occult adepts understand Aladdin’s Lamp as the male member: the penis, in its two positions, flaccid or erect. When the lamp/penis ejaculates a smoky liquid comes out, the seed of life. When the lamp/penis is rubbed in masturbation habitually, you have a familiar spirit involved, a possession. It becomes and addiction and is always a mortal sin. The ejaculation of the semen is stolen by the demons for their DNA work, as they need it to create their hybrids, mutations etc.

Those men that have wet dreams in their sleep, should always cover themselves before they go to sleep, with The Blood of Jesus, every night to protect/block the theft of their seed/sperm. Of course there is no sin or culpability in wet dreams. But not accepting the fact that satan’s fallen ones came intervene and steal from you is a truth that will be confirmed in The Warning Experience by all men!

Note: Destroy All Books, Videos, DVD’s Costumes, Toys Of Aladdin’s Lamp NOW! DISNEY is one of the worst propagators of this satanic fairy tale!


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