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Aircraft Carrier Sinking Warning Dream – Robert Lee Williams

Aircraft Carrier Sinking Warning Dream

Dec 18, 2012
Robert Lee Williams

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Shalom and welcome my name is Minister
Robert Lee Williams from prophetic
information ministries although the
trumpet the so far around the world in
form of you with prophetic news in
bringing God’s miracle ministry to the
world what today is December the 18th
2012 I have a possible prophetic warning
for you I got a dream back on December
of the tenth of 2012 I’ve been holding
out of this dream for a while and
praying about it but it’s like the Lord
keeps bringing this dream back up to me
to get this morning out and what I saw
in this dream I I saw myself on a
submarine and it was sitting on the
ocean floor and there was an aircraft
carrier that was approaching and it was
very close it was in firing range and
I saw that other personnel like other
officers was talking to the captain to
fire at this submarine and they were
sitting there to sink this aircraft
carrier and the captain said no we were
wanting to wait till it turns and goes
down this narrow canal and the captain
said if we fire now they will see us I
possibly on radar and they would destroy
the submarine so the aircraft carrier
made a right turn down this narrow canal
and then the submarine and made its move
but before it fired I woke up from the
dream I do not know what country the
submarine belongs to or the aircraft
carrier but
the submarine was waiting for this
aircraft carrier to approach and to go
down this canal this was a planned
attack and this is something for all of
us to pray against because if that ever
happened or occurred that’s possible
that could bring on world war three or a
major conflict in whatever reason this
is in there’s a lot of conflicts in the
Middle East right now so we all need to
pray against this attack on this
aircraft carrier I this is just a
prophetic dream so pray against it if
anyone else has had any kind of dreams
like this in the last week or two please
put a comment on the comment section and
let me know what kind of dreams you also
had if anything if anybody’s picking
anything up on this please let me know
so this is short and until next time
this is Minister Robert Lee Williams
with prophetic information ministries

Aircraft Carrier Sinking Warning Dream

Dec 18, 2012

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