A Three Part Message – Only A Grain of Sand

A Three Part Message:
1. Are You Afraid? Are You Afraid?
2. Listen To Me Me Now Children Of The One True God
3. The Tree Of Evil
April 15, 2019
Only A Grain Of Sand

1. Are You Afraid? Are You Afraid?
Then you do not have total faith in I AM.
Then you are not at peace in your soul, mind, emotions and body.
Of giving up your money, possessions, lives to stay true to your God.
To die for Jesus Christ; to lay down your life for the One True God.
Of poverty, hunger, imprisonment and persecution.
Of losing your homes, jobs, all future plans for vacations, careers and retirement.
Of betraying your loved ones, friends, neighbors, enemies, and co-workers to the Beast system.
Of going to hell if you take the Mark of the Beast; this is the Fear Of The Lord.

Do Not Be Afraid!
Trust In Me Only!
I AM Lord God Almighty!
All will be well whatever happens!

2. Listen To Me Now Children Of The One True God
Do you think you can criticize other true Christian denominations, and not be subject to my wrath? You know nothing, if you think you are worthy only of playing judge of your brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus.

This does not apply to so-called Christian denominations that are truly false, created by evil Masonic and Occult evil men, posing as servants of God. This does not apply to the Synagogue of Satan (Freemasonry). That in reality only want to destroy Christ and think they can kill God.

I AM demands you hold your tongues, now, check your denunciations at the door of your prayer closets/rooms. Take it to me in prayer only. When the Beast system is revealed in all its exercise of power, all true Christians must have dropped their criticisms of each other, or you will sink faster than the anchor of a ship, to the bottom of the sea of The Tribulation, carried on the waves of murder, chaos and hate. You will work together, dropping your differences, or you will perish ‘in the hunters net’ (Psalm 91 Verse 3). I AM has spoken. Be ready to accept My Will or die the eternal death.

3. The Tree Of Evil
A wave or satanism swept over Russia, before the 1917 Revolution. This decadence produced the monster Rasputin, who helped destroy the Czar Nicholas, his family, court, regime and country.

Now the wave has covered America. This decadence will be answered by Putin, the instrument of God’s judgment on America, whose real name is Rasputin. They dropped the ‘Ras’ to distance themselves from the anathema attached to the legion of demons that controlled the mad monk. Putin is of the same family line.

The Communist Soviet state swallowed the Russian Orthodox Church after the Russian Revolution. They are still state controlled and led by men who are wolves in seeps clothing: Communists and Occult Master Masons.

The anti-Christ will now control the One World Church, subsuming all religions, into a ‘miasma’, which means the ‘fetid one’.

The state controlled church was tried, during the 1789 French Revolution; the minions of satan, believed they could raise the anti-Christ to world domination, with Napoleon I, a precursor of the real one. But they failed. It was not time for the realization of the Mystery Of Iniquity. It was not time for the fetid fruit to ripen on the Tree Of Evil.

Now is the time. Today it will be eaten by most of the sons and daughter of Adam and Eve; in a repetition of their rebellion, of the progenitors of the human race.
“I Will Not Serve,” the mantra of satan, will be heard again.

The present Russian leadership will attempt to destroy all true Christians and Jews completely. Russia fell in 1919. America will fall in 2019, My people to the same agenda. As France was warned by Me in 1689, and fell in 1789. My patience is up with you America.

But look up My people, for your deliverance draws near. I AM is returning for His Bride. I AM will wipe every tear, and heal all your wounds, and take you to My Heart, My heavenly home. Be AT Peace And Know That I AM God.

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