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A Serious Wake Up Call To The Church

Nov 6, 2019, 2:41 AM

This poem was inspired about a week ago but I wasn’t sure if it would even be completed as it had a somewhat foreboding message. However, after recently watching Frank Serritella’s video posted 11.3.19 titled “Why You Are Not Prepared For The Soon Coming 10.0 Earthquake” my poem suddenly fell into place (11.5.19) as if his video were the confirmation I needed. As I was typing the title of Mr Serritella’s video I noticed the word SOON which is one of the words I heard in my spirit months ago. I have also been seeing a lot of the number 111 which, according to You Tuber Latterrain333 is a “prophetic number representing ‘judgment'”.

A Serious Wake Up Call To The Church

The time of tribulation soon will begin
Cleansing the earth of the evil of sin
Awakening the church – the bride-to-be
From her deep slumber – for she cannot see
The world in chaos and dark despair
Empty lives wasted without a care
Pride, wickedness rising each day
Many too busy to bow down and pray
The Father Son and Holy Ghost
Sending forth warnings across the coast
“Prepare for earthquakes famine and more
Prepare for destruction to arrive at your door”
While prophets prophesy rebuke and shame
The world in denial yet eager to blame
The encroaching darkness draws closer still
Whilst the enemy seeks to destroy and to kill
Evil lies lurking on the other side
Ready to enter any moment in time
The thin veil that separates this world from above
Is torn and on the verge of be-ing undone
The church has played both sides in this game
The preacher the villain they are one and the same
For the preacher preaches to those who would hear
A false gospel the message pleasing to both ears
The sheep blindly follow the shepherd who guides
Wolves who prey upon innocent lives
Christians beware your days are numbered
Instead of waking you opted to slumber
You lived a lukewarm, complacent life
Now your coming days will be laden with strife
In truth you were given mercy and grace
But rebelled against God in every way
The road to heaven so hard to obtain
So few to be found without sin without stain
From the fall of man throughout the ages
Sin heavily tested our God’s patience
The world a slave to the power of sin
And blinded to the inherent dangers therein
Now the earth cries out at the abomination
Of the sins against the Father’s creation
The time way past for mercy and grace
Comes now swift judgment to usurp its’ place
It is the same story, what was will be
From the dawning of time, this great mystery
There is nothing really new under the sun
The Father knows all, may HIS WILL be done
For in truth we reap and in truth we sow
We will perish even if we didn’t know
To regret the choices made in that day
In that hour that we were being led astray
No chance for mercy forevermore
Judgment is standing at your front door

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    Wolves in SHEEP’S clothing! DECEIVING and being deceived by a shroud of justification covering their hardened hearts! PHAOROS PLAGUES are upon us.
    Liars, THIEFS, Babylonian witchcraft due to the dominating and controlling FREEMASON strongholds in our nation! God’s judgments are set
    Against Babylon and still the church sits complacent and apathetic, denying the power of CHRIST! A wave of delusion has hit them, slumbering spirits and their eyes have been blinded and their ears closed t o their PIOS TRADITIONS of MEN and their gods of reason and justification. AMOS 9:11! ISIS
    FREEMASON domestic violence OVERCOMER by the Mercy and Grace of ALMIGHTY GOD! YESHUA MESSIAH come quickly !!! SHERRYLYNN advocate and handmaiden to YESHUA on behalf of 700,000 fatherless children in AMERICA and 3,300 slaughtered daily in this defiled land. Revelation 12:11, Psalm 91, Gal. 5:19, Psalm 91,92, ISAIAH 42:22, ROMANS 1 and 2 , 2 TIMOTHY 3 – 800 FEMA holocaust camps with military guillotines ready for
    Annihilation, 300,000 fraternal order of police, 600,00 FREEMASONS. 1 JOHN 4:4, ISAIAH 33:22, EPHESIANS 6, 2 SAMUEL 22:2-4! 3 JOHN 2

  2. Sara L

    Thank you for sharing this. It is truly somber and a confirmation. GOD bless you❤

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