A Promised Land – Ruth Johnson

A Promised Land

June 7, 2021 9:20 PM
Ruth Johnson

a promised land
But not The Promised Land
The one promised to all of us
By Almighty God above.
No, this is a fake, a forgery,
It will take your progeny
Enslave them in atrocity
To an unholy bureaucracy.
Scarce food, bitter water,
Demons rule, ungodly slaughter
Will ensue when he rules you.
Peace! Security! he will cry!
Now that i’m enshrined on high!
Look at my temple!
Gaze at my throne!
The sea i sit on,
All my own!
Darkness reigns not of this earth,
Your light extinguished,
For all that was worth.
i am king now of everything!
Bow to me now, to me you bring
All of your sacrifices,
Your wafting smoke
From your incense burners,
Be prepared to choke!
You thought you could escape,
Believed it was a joke
For you could not see me
In my invisibility cloak.
Well, here am I,
The abomination of desolation,
And with an iron glove
I will rule every nation.
United, blighted, cursed with a spell,
Disney at its greatest,
Here comes tinkerbell!
Fireworks over the magic kingdom,
Mickey in his pointed hat,
The ugly witch’s apple
Stepping up to bat.
Boil, boil, toil and trouble,
Tail of newt, eye of gnat,
The evil horde you laughed at,
Glorified in cinema,
Relished in your stories
Now rise up to power
In all their vainglories.
The headless horseman,
The boogy man,
Ghosts, goblins, gargoyles,
Aliens and predators,
Spooks and haunts,
Werewolves, vampires, zombies,
The entertainment you all want!
Civil wars, nuclear wars,
Wars make money!
Our weapons we will flaunt,
Tanks and tactical troops
Will march across your lands.
Ships with landing strips,
Planes of stealth,
All bring about my will,
And bring me great wealth.
Trolls, tolls, your souls,
In my pockets, up my sleeve,
i have all the aces.
Let’s play poker, you naive
Jokers and losers,
Druggers and boozers.
Lay down your cash
For your tainted stash,
All up in smoke,
A pungent smell, a wretched odor
Reaching to my nose.
Well, that’s how it goes
In my promised land.
Glad you understand.
Good you did not read the Bible
Just chose to believe
That it was simply myths,
Tales of beasts and dragons
That do not exist.
A God you cannot see,
A Garden and a Tree,
You all say what
Can this possibly mean to me?
Fairy tales, the brothers Grimm,
Hansel and Gretel, pigs and a wolf
Saying let me come in.
The pied piper, the children gone,
London Bridge is falling down.
Ring around the rosie,
Pants on fire,
Pockets full of posies,
The telephone wire.
What if all those tales are true?
It has a lot to do with you.
my promised land
Has been carefully planned
Eons ago i began
To lay it all out
To get you all to choose it,
So when i take over
You are pretty much used to it!
The Promised Land?
How can that be?
Pie in the sky,
Apple of His eye,
Too good to be true
For me or for you!
Just stick with all
You all are used to!
Same old things on a grander scale!
And with your help,
How can i fail?



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